I am running since

I was this young…

Early career

And this young…

First competitions

At this very little age, I felt the thrill of running, and it grasped me strongly…

First medals

I was thinking about running, feeling running, dreaming running, and living for running, even though I was 9…

Living for running

And it didn’t release me… I wanted to become a big guy in athletics.

Inspired by the win

And started devoting and dedicating more and more of my time into it, immersing myself deeper and deeper into the sport.

Winning 60 meters

At one point, I was the best among the kids in my country…!

National Champion on the podium

And this thing transformed my life… I was such a little boy, competing against all those dozens of kids on my age and nobody could beat me on the territory of my country. Running now meant more than everything to my little heart!

I kept growing…

Gaining Running Experience

And I kept winning…

Win in Plovdiv
Win in Sofia
Win in Sofia again
Win in Hisarq

It wasn’t possible to imagine something else to have more importance in my life that this sport…

But I was a little kid, ignorant, and going more with my heart than with my brain. I wasn’t aware of the risks and pitfalls along the way of becoming a big athlete.

When something hurt, I kept pushing regardless of it. The films had taught me to deal with the pain this way 🙂

At one point, the injuries became irresistible…

knee pain while running
knee pain while running 2

Advices from all around were telling me I need a rest, I need to stop. I need to pay more attention to my high school, etc…

I yielded… And stopped training for 8 months for “recovery” purpose. I didn’t know how I should recover, and I simply rested… Without exercising…

And this destroyed everything that I have built in athletics + put me into a position where I was worse than if I was just starting out. I had worn out legs…

After these 8 months, I could not start a jog… Can you imagine??? My legs were like tied. Total atrophy. It was awful… But, hey…

“I was a champion! This will not stop me! I have done so much… I simply need to train a bit and within a year I will be champion again…” I thought right then…

But it was much tougher than I have imagined…

Running has become much tougher than before

My legs were just not moving the same way…

my running was not the same

The awfulness was present… My coach said that “I was no longer the star I was…”

It stroke!…

But did you guess?

I never gave up!

I continued running, exercising, and training more than ever. 6 days per week I was on the run, fully dedicated to rise again…

In the following years, I was trying very hard to gain back “what I have lost”…

Trying very hard at running

But it wasn’t the same…

Something had changed. The power once was burning inside me was gone. I don’t know how and what happened, but I simply wasn’t running the same way. Even though there wasn’t a time when I have been more dedicated and wanting it harder.

I was totally disappointed…

I am so disapointed due to failure

This is where my mission was born: “To understand and master running!”

So I can bring back to myself this feeling of greatness!

In my previous period, I was simply listening to my coach, executing what she said, and winning. It was that simple! But this was now not enough. I needed to penetrate deeply into the building blocks of running. I needed to understand it, so to understand what was holding me back!

This includes to realize: progessing, becoming faster, becoming more endurable, preventing injuries, nutrition, recovery, running technique and form, psychology, mindset and motivation… Everything!

Because everything that I was doing properly once had disappeared, and I was doing everything wrongly afterwards without understanding my mistakes… And obeying the coach was not enough.

I had become a mysterious example that even specialists could not solve.

This is where my knowledge and experience gain began. And as many people say, including me: “Every adversary has equal or greater benefit in it”. That I was “broken” forced me to learn an immense lot about running. This was the only way to “fix” myself and go on the podium again.

I started learning by myself. At one point, I did not need my coach because there wasn’t any true value in listening to him. This was obviously not my way anymore. I wanted to understand the things by myself and then apply them to me. I wanted to realize my body and the running process and then manage my performance through my knowledge and expertise.

And I quit the training sessions, and started training on my own. This was the time when I fixed my running form and started actually making progress in running.

There weren’t people shouting at me: “Rise you knee”, “Push a little more”, “Give more from the ankle!”, “Lean forward!”, and I could listen to my body. I could get the sensation of what running actually is.

Long, long runs followed… I was writing my own running methodology and creating my training plans, realizing the most efficient running form by myself. I was making the picture of running clearer and clearer.

At one point, I tried a different dimension of running. I was so tired of the track and all the struggle that I was associating with it. I needed a change. That is when I inserted orienteering into my running life.

Shortly afterwards, I was able to get back on the podium…

my first win after long time

This was the food I needed… From this point, I was simply scaling what I have learned about running…

I also started entering the forest a little more.

Running out of the forest
Running Final meters cross country

Hitting the pavement as well…

urban orienteering

And man… The wins were flowing again!

Win at Stara Zagora
Win at Karlovo

I was doing it all because of myself… No coaches, no mentors, no advisors.

My heart was now supported with knowledge…

Win at NDK 360

All the wins were because of my approach to running, not what someone else have told me. I was my own coach and advisor.

Win at Yambol

The more I won, the faster I wanted to get. Which equivalents to: the more I wanted to learn, the better I wanted to understand running, the better I wanted to apply what I have learned…

Sometimes it was happening…

Win in Plovdiv

Sometimes not that much…!

3rd place at Saedinenie

But I kept it going. And kept it growing…

Continue the journey

But time is passing, life is coming, and it doesn’t ask. There is not only running into our lives (except if you are a world champion or professional athlete).

There is an urgent need to balance the running preparation with your job, with your family, with your friends, and all the other important aspects of your life.

This is when I inserted my running training into my home.

Just a few steps away from whatever I am doing…

Happy Kircho Training at home

Before I was not that persistent with my trainings, doing them only when I had time. Finding different excuses to skip running was common.

As soon as I bought my treadmill, the things changed. I started following strict pattern of training sessions and rest days, and until now I haven’t broken it. I train for 4 days and then rest 1, for long, long, long time.

This treadmill has revolutionized my running training…

Running on a treadmill

I am now way better, faster, and endurable. More than I have ever been. It’s so much easier to train in this way. Even if it is a quick jog, it is far better than doing nothing!

But now I have made a streak of running sessions I haven’t done in years. And my performance had enhanced…

Running strongly

There wasn’t a more convenient way of making my running preparation. The treadmill and everything that I need are in my room. I no longer care about what the time or weather outside is. No need to suffer the cold (my legs don’t like it), nor the heat.

I can try different variations of running that are not that convenient and appropriate when outside like: barefoot running, or running backwards.

It gives me much more opportunities when training running at home.

It is not a full substitute for the outside running. But it can adopt much of your running sessions and provide you with more time and opportunities. Plus, it predisposes you to persevere more.

That is why I have dedicated this site to Home Running Preparation, because I have found it as the best way to train, when you have family, job, and you are part of our busy society.

It really helps you to manage both your running life, career, and personal life and be able to be good at all of them.

That is why this is Home Running Training Revolutionized!

This Revolution is keeping me on the run. This way I don’t let the “life” consume me and separate me from running!

I find it really helpful and want to share all that I have learned and found useful through my long running journey with you.

When you are not a professional athlete, where running is not your job, this is a great way to stay in the game. On a satisfying level as well!

I will show you how if you stick with me 🙂

Running fast

I have gone through many things when it comes to running…

As you can see from my story, it has been a long running journey for me until now. And I can say it is only the beginning.

I have spent a significant portion of my life in running. If you cut me into two pieces and look inside, you will see running.

I can’t imagine doing anything else.

The freedom and the feeling of being inexhaustible when I run keeps me alive.

I have learned a whole darn lot about running + had experienced it in real life. And I continue to expand my knowledge and expertise.

I believe you can benefit a lot from hanging around my site, because here, I share everything!

gained experience and became stronger

The tough times in this sport had made me stronger.

I want to pass this strength to you, and help you make your journey enjoyable and rewarding. Help you feel strong, fast, stable, endurable, satisfied, fresh and most energetic!

Help you be glad that you are a runner, love yourself more, and be satisfied with your life and running endeavors!

Because I brought myself back to life. And can tell you how!

Have a great time with HomeRunningPrep, and me – Kiril Petkov.

Keep Running!