Incredible! A treadmill that gives you one of the top specifications possible and, at the same time, its price is one of the lowest – the Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill!

Seems like a mystery? How can these two aspects – top performance and lowest price combine together? I don’t know, you should ask “Horizon.” But it is true! 

The Horizon 7.0 treadmill offers everything you will need for your quality running preparation, even if you are looking for high-intensity and advanced training. 

It is time to transform yourself and embrace the aliveness, energy, vitality, speed, and physical capabilities you have postponed for so long. The 7.0 AT will help you!

With the Horizon 7.0 At treadmill, you get one of the maximum working capacities seen among treadmills regarding speed, power, incline, etc. There are interactive options and modern technology integrated as well. 

But if you start comparing it with other treadmills, you won’t find such a low price for what you get. Reach the next running and health performance level with the Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill. It gives you the opportunity for numerous “level-ups.”

the horizon 7.0 at treadmill review with picture of the treadmill in full on white background

Let’s now dive deeper into the specifications to help you decide…

Is The Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill Appropriate For YOUR Needs? 

The first thing to consider when buying a treadmill is its speed. This is one of the most essential specifications because it defines the limits of the intensity of your workouts! 

Here you get 12 mph (19.3km/h)! Only a few treadmills on the market let you run faster. This means the Horizon 7.0 AT gives you one of the highest speeds possible! 

If you are wondering how fast is 12mph (19.3 km/h), it is a 5min mile, a 3:07 kilometer, 15:32 5k. Suppose you plan to run faster than those times and want a treadmill to let you do so.

In that case, opting for a manual curved treadmill with no top speed will be best, so you can do sprint and interval workouts without limits! 

But if you aren’t one of those flying Olympic runners, the 12mph will be sufficient to make you tired, get the sweat out of you, and enhance your shape.

You can push your limits, enter the anaerobic zone if you want, and start living in a fantastic body, registering great running and health results! 

It’s Powerful Enough for Sustainable Work!

Sustainable work means sustainable results! The Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill has a 3.0 HP motor. The motors mainly vary from 1.5HP to 4.25 HP. The more powerful, the longer and easier it will be able to work. 

3.0 HP is enough power to run at moderate to high speeds 5-6 days per week. 3.0+ HP motors are something that is designed for running in mind.

“The 3hp motor and the size of the rollers make this a very durable machine.”

Horizon Customer

And this particular is a RAPID SYNC MOTOR, which responds to speed and incline changes faster! Say hello to the best interval training on a treadmill! 

This motor will enable you to run as frequently as you want, bring your family on the treadmill, and yield all the benefits of carrying excellent running and fitness shape inside you! 

What’s more…

Do You Like Hills And Mountains? Create Your Own In Your Home! 

The Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill has the option for incline: 0 – 15%. And for the time I have been reviewing treadmills, I can say that the 15% is a decent slope that speaks for a quality machine. More than 15% is rarely found on the market, so you also get upper-end specs here. 

the horizon 7.0 at treadmill on max incline and a man running on it

There will be no need to commute to the closest hill (which may not be that close) to make your elevation run! And also, if you want to spare the pressure on your joints from the downhill – you no longer have to run downhill! 

Pump your legs, get the optimum intensity with the perfect incline, and enjoy the power in your legs. The next time you will fly up the stairs while your mate asks for breath! And all the preparation is in your home! 


No Stride Will Be Too Long For the Horizon 7.0 At Treadmill!

Buying the 7.0 AT gives you a 20/60″ (50.8/152 cm) running surface. If you are tall, this is helpful. Such a running surface will suffice if you are fast and plan to run at top speed with a long stride.

The only bigger surface you can get is 22″ wide and 65″ long. But most people will find the 20/60 enough for any running.

“The extra long belt allows me to do sprint sets without falling off the back, which is frequently a problem for me.”

“I’m 5′ 11″, and the belt is wide enough and long enough for me to run in a full sprint.”

Horizon Customers

With such an extensive running surface, you can release your run and never worry whether you are too close to stepping on the side rails! Calmness and comfort! 

Reach your top speed and be confident that the 7.0 AT has you covered! Focus on your running rather than looking where to step. Looking forward helps with your running form as well! The running surface won’t cheat on you!

Joints Party at the Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill! 

Can you hear the music? Can you sense the fabulous party atmosphere and great vibes on the Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill? Do you wonder who is partying? It is your joints! 

image of partying which represents the state of your joints while running on the 7.0 AT Treadmill

They are so happy with the 3-zone cushioning; they feel so great, strong, and fresh. No pain, tension, or pressure exists, so they can’t stop partying! And your joints will keep celebrating, moving you to new running performance levels! 

“My husband says the treadmill feels great in the sense of shock absorption & comfort of running for being a treadmill. His knees are beat up, and he has missed being able to run. The roads are just too much. This treadmill has given him running back!”

Horizon Customer

There is a 3-zone cushioning that is made according to the different phases of your stride. It is soft when you land but firm when it is time to push! This way, you run on firm ground that cares for your joints.

And you are wondering where this party comes from?

After all this…

Is the Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill “Tanky”? 

Tank Graphic representing the sturdiness and solidness of the treadmill.

One of the most important aspects of a treadmill is whether it can bear enough input. Plan to put decent intensity on the machine, want to run a lot, will love to hit top speed, or you are a bigger guy? This will be particularly important for you.

The Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill can bear up to 325 lbs (147kg). For the price, these bearing capabilities are impressive! Some treadmills that go up to 3k$ and 4k$ have a 300 lbs limit.

325 lbs means that the Horizon 7.0 AT is a sturdy treadmill that will give you stability while you run! Also, it is intended to last long. Even if you are half the max user weight, you will benefit from the ability to hit as hard as you can and know that the surface under you will sustain.

“I’m 205lbs and run pretty heavy. This thing is rock solid and very quiet. It’s just as nice as the commercial treadmills at the gym.”

Horizon Customer

What is more that enhances the stability? 

It is its weight. The 7.0 At is 277lbs, 125kg.

This means you get a heavy piece of equipment to stay firmly in place. I bet you will feel this while you run. 

“It’s a firm, heavy machine, so when you’re running at high speeds, it doesn’t bounce or shake.”

Horizon Customer

Another thing that proves its sturdiness, durability, and “tankness” is its warranty. There is a lifetime on the motor; a lifetime on the frame; 3 years on parts; and 1 year on labor. As long as you are alive, the Horizon will make the 7.0 run the motor! Isn’t this great?

“We went with Horizon because we wanted a treadmill that would last a long time and have a good warranty. So when we saw that Horizon provides the option to pay extra to turn their 1-year warranty into a 5-year, that sealed the deal. Horizon standing behind it for 5 years with all parts and labor included shows confidence in the product, which in turn gave us confidence about buying it.”

Horizon Customers

Another thing to contribute to its “tankness” are the dimensions of the Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill. 

It has 76 / 36 / 59″ and 193/ 91 / 149 cm Length / Width / Height. It is a large machine ready to absorb all of your movements! 

a picture with the horizon 7.0 AT treadmill and a man next to it representing how big it is!

Overall, you get one sturdy machine that can bear all of your strides, no matter how hard you decide to hit! Feel the confidence inside you because you believe in your treadmill! 

Its “tankness” makes you believe in it and focus on your running rather than whether the machine will brake! By running on such a solid machine, you could also become that solid! 

The Horizon 7.0 AT is one of my favorite treadmills that I have reviewed because it gives you the specs that the top treadmills provide. And it costs almost nothing compared to them! 

From the side of its specifications, you can’t ask for more. It gives you everything you will need for quality running training! Preparing for the Olympics will be the only occasion when the 7.0 AT lacks power. Still, only some people will need more than what this Horizon offers. 

So let’s answer…

Who Will Enjoy The Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill Most?

And this will be almost everybody! It is not super expensive and space demanding (it is big but folds), so beginners won’t bring a burden into their house.

On the other hand, if you are a more advanced runner and want power, speed, incline, and a machine that will give you many workout opportunities of high quality, then I can’t see how you will regret buying the Horizon 7.0 AT. 

It may seem a little exaggerated. Still, of the 65 treadmills I have thoroughly reviewed and examined, this one turns out to have the best price/components ratio. You get incredible performance for the price. 

And all the people, from beginners to advanced runners, will enjoy the treadmill. But it will satisfy the people who currently make decent runs and are looking to improve their running performance the most.

It will be suitable for runners who search for quality, stable, and reliable machines without going after the grandest tank on the market. The 7.0 AT will give you pleasure from its smoothness and sleek design.

It will help those who search to bring more aliveness into their bodies, either for overall day-to-day tonus or to be ready for the next running event where they will rock! 

It has everything to move you to the next level! Whether you want to step on the start line, or in your life as a whole, with confidence and power in your legs, the Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill will make your transformation possible! 

How Have I Written This Review?

I don’t have the treadmill in my home, so I can’t tell you from personal experience whether this treadmill is good or bad. But I have done something else. I have researched all possible feedback from hundreds of real customers.

I have examined how many of them are happy and how many are frustrated. What makes them pleased or frustrated. What are the main benefits of the treadmill? And I will tell you what flaws you can expect. Something that the manufacturer won’t :).

picture of different people running on treadmills and giving feedback about their experience

And this, instead of being a 1-person review, it is gathered information from hundreds of experiences with this treadmill. It is enough to address everything you want to know about this machine.

What Is There To Like More in the Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill?

You are independent! Nobody will insist on anything from you once you buy your treadmill. Mainly, you don’t need to pay any subscriptions to use your treadmill. 

“We like the simple, no-nonsense approach of this treadmill—no internet connections or subscriptions to manage (or pay for), nothing to reboot or update, and no internet-connected OS to get hacked into. Just solid, easy-to-use controls and great built-in programs.”

Horizon Customer

But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t interactive opportunities! You can connect your phone or tablet to the treadmill via Bluetooth. And use all the different available training apps. The treadmill will transfer data into the app on your device. 

a girl running on the treadmill and using the interactive options for training apps on her tablet, which is connected to the horizon 7.0 at treadmill.

“It connects without any issues to Zwift, which I’m a huge fan of. It’s also very easy to use with Peloton runs.”

Horizon Customer

You will stay immersed in your workout, having fun and entertainment with all the app opportunities, and without noticing, you will be exceeding the 45min of running. Feel only good about your physical efforts!

You could have a lot of fun with various apps, but what if your battery runs low? Does that mean the end of everything? No!…

The Horizon 7.0 AT’s USB Charging Port will Keep Your Battery Full! 

Your device won’t turn off because you will charge it while you run! There is a special USB charging port for that! 

This means endless workout opportunities, entertainment, fun, joy, progress, power built, results, satisfaction, and happiness for you and your family! Nothing can stop you from reaching your goals with the Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill! 

And also…

Enjoy the Ease of Assembly of the 7.0 AT Treadmill

More good news is that even if you are not a techie, you will have no problems assembling the Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill. Many people report that they are doing it in under an hour:

“The ease of setup was impressive.  It took less than 1 hour to set up.”

“The assembly was simple, about 20-30 mins.”

Horizon Customers

And once it is set up, you can enjoy…

Being Always on the Right Speed and Incline!

Here you get unique controls for the change of speed and incline seen nowhere else. Imagine when you go lightning speed and want to slow down. Searching and trying to press buttons on the console is difficult and dangerous. 

You can go out of balance easily when you run fast. And that is why with a quick scroll positioned close to you, you are again running at the best pace! This way, you are safe, stay balanced, and your running form is undisturbed. 

a man using the quick speed and incline scroll

“Easy to use, you’re almost never more than one button away from what you need to get to.”

Horizon Customer

Running toward your goals with confidence, control, and satisfaction in each movement. And all this will bring you back on the Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill again and again. How couldn’t be progress there? 

And when you are finished with your workout…

The Folding is “FeatherLight”! 

The frame type of the Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill is “FeatherLight Folding,” which makes the folding/unfolding process a breeze. You won’t need to lift the actual weight of the treadmill. There is weight support. 

a picture with the horizon 7.0 AT treadmill and a man next to it representing how big it is!

“It’s so easy to fold and unfold it.”

“Folds a lot more easily than others I have had.”

Horizon Customers

Your training will be on the running belt, and the weight lifting will be left for the barbell, not for folding your treadmill. This increases the convenience and ease of use, and there is no danger for you back! 

What’s more…

Enjoy the Paradise Run with Horizon’s Smoothness and Quietness! 

Are you a fan of the sounds of the machines? All those sharp, rough, and loud sounds that aren’t found in nature? I don’t find them pleasant.

The 7.0 AT is a smooth and quiet treadmill. There will be no disturbance for those around you. And your ears will be delighted too! The machine will work gently and with grace.

Smooth wavy stripes representing the smoothness and quietness of the treadmill

“In addition, the treadmill is fairly quiet (depending on how hard you pound or drag your feet), which allows me to run without bothering my neighbors (in an apartment).”

“It’s so quiet that we can’t hear it in the other room.”

You will run calmly, with pleasure, and with no excessive strain on your ears. The joy of running this way will be greater! And what do you do about the things you love? You do them more often!

Make running with the Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill one of them for maximum health, fitness, and running performance benefits! 

In Addition:

Some people report satisfaction with the delivery of the treadmill: 

“The treadmill was very well packed, protected by solid wood packaging pieces in many places, nice job Horizon.”

Horizon Customer

Plus, you may like the idea of the Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill: it is built for performance and quality parts rather than fancy and excessive bells and whistles.


People explain it this way: 

 “So we want our money to go towards the actual treadmill hardware, and not yet another Android tablet with screen built into the treadmill… we’ve had it, we like the simple, no-nonsense approach of this treadmill…Compliments to Horizon for a great quality treadmill that’s built for actual running and at a reasonable price.”

Horizon Customer

Until now, I have covered everything positive about the treadmill. Now it is time for…

The Things You May Not Like About The Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill

Let’s begin with the fact that if you stop and go off the treadmill for 10 minutes, it shuts off, and you will lose the record of your time and distance.

The console of the horizon 7.0 at treadmill showing  speed and incline

You can turn it on and begin fresh, but the data will disappear. You should remember your time or distance and sum it to the new track. 

Another way to deal with that is to use a smartwatch in indoor running mode. Although it might not be the most accurate measurement for distance, time is always time! 

Another thing is…

The Hand Grips May Be Too Low for You

The Horizon has thought about your running performance! They want you to progress and become in the best shape possible! That is why they have created the side handles low! 

the horizon 7.0 at treadmill on max incline and a man running on it

Because this way, it will be hard for you to hold on to them, and you will find it better to ignore the support they provide. No support! Only pure strength and power! 

Although, if you plan and insist on having comfortable side handles for your power walk, you may find the 7.0 AT’s a little inconvenient. Especially if you are tall. 

Another thing to consider is…

The Treadmill is Heavy

The Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill weighs 277 lbs (125kg). Although it gives you stability while running, you may find it difficult to transport and move it inside your house. 

“It’s quite heavy, so getting moved from the garage into the house was the toughest part. Used a Dolly and still needed help pushing it up the steps.”

If you are unsure whether you will handle the weight, call some fit friends to help, or pay a little extra for “In-Room Delivery.” The hard is done once, and then you will enjoy your running day after day. 


Some Unpleasant Probabilities

Next, I will address something that might or might not happen to you. Some people report such issues, while many others never encounter them. But it is good to know that:

  • Some people report dissatisfaction with the customer service
  • And sometimes the treadmill gives misfunctions and needs replacement of some parts.

But you shouldn’t worry about the parts because there is enough warranty to get a good – working machine.

And if the customer service currently is not responsive, try connecting them via different media.

Also, it is essential to read the manual and take care of your treadmill as stated, including lubrication, cleaning, and belt adjustment when needed. 

Let’s see, finally…

How Do People Explain The Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill?

“I LOVE my new treadmill. Best investment ever. Quick delivery, extremely sturdy construction. Perfection…”

“I was in search of a great quality running treadmill for a reasonable price, and I found it!”

“This is my second Horizon treadmill. The first one lasted well over 20 years…I love my new one! So updated and pretty quiet. Won’t buy any other brand.”

“I have had a couple of treadmills in the past 15 years. This is by far the best quality for the price treadmill I have ever owned.”

“I may never return! Feel I made a wise purchase.”

“We are really glad we went with the Horizon 7.0 AT and would do it again. Compliments to Horizon for a great quality treadmill that’s built for actual running and at a reasonable price.”

“I am an Endurance Triathlete, training for my first 140.6, so I need a treadmill that can keep up, and this one definitely does.”

“Had high expectations for this treadmill after reading a lot of reviews and research before purchasing- and we are certainly not disappointed! Can not recommend it highly enough!!!”

“It’s a gym-like machine but way less expensive.”

“Very high quality, easy to operate treadmill that belongs in the nicest of health clubs! The best part is we have it in our house! It gives us the best opportunity for a great workout!”

Horizon Customers

Should You Buy The Horizon 7.0 AT Treadmill? 

This is a question only you can answer, and I am not planning to tell you to go or not. I can only say that if I was going to buy myself a new treadmill and was searching for something around 1k, I won’t think twice about the 7.0 AT.

If you have been reading this review (which happened to be a little long), you will already know that the Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill is superb.

It is superb because it gives you top specifications that only the highest-level treadmills provide while it costs mysteriously low. I am curious to know how they do it.

If you want to give your future self a great present, which will transform your sense of yourself and make you feel much more energized, confident, fresh, strong, and endurable.

And in addition, give you great opportunities to enhance your running performance and make some great memories from the upcoming running events for yourself and your family. 

The answer is one: 

And if, for some reason, you want to look for other treadmills as well, click here to check the reviews of other treadmills on HomeRunningPrep!