Do you want to buy once, or do you prefer to purchase several times until you get the right treadmill? Do you plan to get a treadmill that you can use for years? The Sole F80 treadmill review shows such a machine!

A machine that is sturdy and provides you with workout opportunities that will take out the best performance possible out of you. Here we talk about a treadmill that will enable you to run longer and faster than you have imagined.

The Sole F80 is a machine created to sustain massive inputs from advanced runners and still be able to operate like the first day. Seven days per week, near sprinting speeds, hills… It gives you everything that a treadmill can provide you.

Be ready to stand on the start line confident that you can perform at the highest level possible because the Sole F80 provides athlete-class workout opportunities to take your running to the next level. 

On this page, you will meet a machine that makes no jokes regarding performance and sturdiness. For Sole F80, thousands of miles are like a warm-up. And there are only a few fancy technologies in it.

The main bells and whistles will be on the final line, where people will applaud and support you because you will be so strong and fast that they will go crazy! And all of this because you chose the Sole f80 treadmill!

Sole F80 Treadmill Review - picture of the whole treadmill

But let’s see this machine’s details so you can decide…

Is Sole F80 The Treadmill For YOUR Needs?

In this section, I will examine the machine’s specifications and tell you for what and for whom it is perfect. Let’s begin with the speed.

Enjoy the high speed – enjoy the growth of your capabilities!

Can you run at 3:07 km, 5min mile pace? If not, The Sole f80 gives you the opportunity to make yourself able! This treadmill can go up to 12 mph (19.3 km/h), near the highest speeds that a treadmill for the home can provide. 

And 12 mph (19.3 km/h) is not slow at all. It is the speed that will satisfy the more advanced runners. To get a notion of how fast it is, here is a video where I run at 10 mph | 16km/h (my treadmill’s top speed)

With 12 mph, you can feel your risen heartbeat, quicken your breathing, and push your limits toward a life of better capabilities and greater satisfaction!

Run on Sole F80 and get to know the new version of yourself- the one that can run faster than ever! And there will be no excuses to skip running sessions, and the progress won’t slip away!

The Sole F80 Treadmill Knows no Tiredness

How many horses do you think are hidden under the small cover of the Sole F80 treadmill? 3.5! I am wondering how the half-one has made it there. 3.5 HP is one of the higher-end motors found in treadmills.

Picture of the smallcover under which is the motor of the Sole f80 treadmill

This power means you can run daily at high speeds, and the machine will ask for more! 3.5 HP is a motor that can sustain frequent usage even if used by more than one person.

It is perfect for the advanced runners who want to put a lot of running on it. This durable motor means you have no problem persevering and keeping your training plan. And the more you train, the more you will achieve. Satisfaction! 

Watch out! There is a Fire!

You have turned on the 15% incline on the Sole F80, and your legs seem burning. But this fire is from the good ones that build you, not ash you!

Sole F80 Treadmill Review- picture that shows the treadmill when on incline and how low the handlebars are

And that is it – you get a 15% incline on the Sole F80 treadmill—higher incline- higher results. With the incline option, you can vary your workout by adding or eliminating the slope whenever you like. A convenience that is harder to achieve outdoors. 

You won’t need to commute to hills, and if you don’t like descending them, it will no longer be a problem. By adding an incline to your run, you turn on the burn in your legs and get closer to success. Sole F80 does this flawlessly. 

Turn the muscle fibers into springs and forget what tiredness is! Train uphill, and be strong like a hill. The Sole F80’s incline is enough to do the job! 

Feel Secure on The Sole F80 Treadmill – Enough Surface to Run on!

When you bring the Sole F80 treadmill to your home, you can run on a 22/60″ | 56/152cm surface. And this is the highway of the treadmills!

the running surface of the sole f80

22″ is the most expansive option for treadmills on the market. This width is perfect for all the people who want to open their strides and try to fly! You will no longer worry about where your foot is landing – there is plenty of space! 

“the deck is wide and comfortable.”

Amazon Customer

The length is also one of the biggest. It is second only to the 65″ models, which are only two – the NordicTrack X32i and X22i. Said otherwise – you get one of the most extensive running surfaces that a treadmill can provide.

This ample space translates into more confidence and security while you run because you are not restricted by limited space. Instead of looking for where to step, you focus on your run! 

Make sure to check the deck and lubricate it if needed. Some people report that it has been “completely unlubricated from the factory.”

Feel Your Joints Fresh and Healthy With the Cushioning of the Sole F80 Treadmill!

Do you have integrated suspension in your legs? Unfortunately, we are not machines, and our legs don’t have such features. Thus, our joints may start hurting due to continuous pavement hits.

The symbol of the treadmill cushioning

And here comes the Sole F80 Treadmill with its Cushion Flex Whisper Deck. It reduces the impact by up to 40% compared to running on the pavement! I can hear your joints singing with joy!

The result is straightforward: Train a lot, wear out a little! You can put many miles and get only 60% of the “wear out.” It sounds like saved legs but not compromised progress! And this is not cheating! 

Hit It Hard – It Won’t Break Apart!

The Sole f80 treadmill has a weight capacity of 158kgs. You get yourself a donkey and start training it on the treadmill without problems! It is that sturdy! 

Sole F80 Treadmill Review - Picture of the treadmill ready for running!

Even if you don’t weigh much, this treadmill will benefit you because it provides stability and sturdiness, so you can feel its might, which will soon turn yours.

The Sole F80 Lives Long

Until you are alive – the motor and frame will be in good condition! You can be sure of that because the treadmill has a lifetime warranty on the frame and the motor. 

Also, you can do 1095 running sessions (1 every day), and don’t worry about breaking parts. Because they are covered with 3y warranty. And one bonus is that you can extend it if you want.

This means you will have peace of mind and don’t worry whether your machine will sustain. “Sole” has you covered! They are confident in their treadmill, and you should be too.

This is a machine that is meant to last. Otherwise, the company will go bankrupt if they give free parts for a lifetime. Let’s now see…

How Tanky is the Sole F80 Treadmill? 

Tank Graphic representing the sturdiness and solidness of the treadmill.

I will be direct- It weighs as much as a refrigerator and is longer than your door. And yes… The Sole F80 is Tanky! Its dimensions are 82.5 / 38 / 66 “| 209 / 96.5 / 167.4 cm, and its weight is  274 lbs/ 124 kg.

Although this is one of the most enormous treadmills on the market, it is not the heaviest! 

Of the 65 most popular treadmills I have reviewed, Sole F80 is in 3rd place for length and width and in 18th place for heaviness.

So you get a massive treadmill that is relatively movable which gives you stability and sturdiness and spares you some pounds that nobody likes.

When you run, you will feel the machine’s stability, which will encourage you to also become that stable!

“The unit is heavy and very sturdy.”

“It’s just as sturdy as any commercial units I’ve used, like running on a track.”

“I was pleasantly surprised at how stable and well-built it is.”

Amazon Customers

If you choose The Sole F80 treadmill, you will definitely enjoy one tanky friend that has thought for itself about its stability. Instead of preserving it and looking to be gentle with it, you can run as hard as you can. It will say: “Let’s go, man!”

Who Will Enjoy The Sole F80 Most?

The person who will enjoy the Sole F80 will be the advanced runner who seeks top performance. They will be people who don’t want much entertainment and like more achievement – serious guys! 

This is for people who want every dollar invested into the creation of the machine to be put into the deck, the motor, the stability, and everything that gives you running opportunities instead of entertainment.

It is for people who want to run fast and to do it frequently. The Sole F80 is a robust machine that can bear a lot. If you wish to move lightly and occasionally, you will leave it hungry and unsatisfied. 

Great power is hidden in the Sole F80, and it expects great power to be put on it. If you are hesitant about whether a treadmill will be able to sustain your planned running because it seems like a lot for a treadmill- turn to the sole F80, it will like you! 

Sole F80’s capabilities are simple – a lot of Running, Running, and fast Running. If your intentions are like these, Then consider giving the Sole F80 a try: 

How Have I Written This Review?

I don’t have the treadmill in my home, so I can’t tell you from personal experience whether this treadmill is good or bad. But I have done something else. I have researched all possible feedback from hundreds of real customers. I have examined how many of them are happy and how many are frustrated. What makes them pleased or frustrated. What are the main benefits of the treadmill? And I will tell you what flaws you can expect. Something that the manufacturer won’t tell you :).

And this, instead of being a 1-person review, it is gathered information from hundreds of experiences with this treadmill. It is enough to address everything you want to know about this machine.

Something More to Like About the Sole F80 Treadmill

It is called – Grandpa F80! Because it lives long! Run Many years with this treadmill because it is built to last. A thousand miles are no challenge for the F80. And although F80 might not mean “For 80 years”, it seems to have a longer lifespan than many treadmills I have reviewed.

“I’m 200 lbs, 6’3″, and have been running on this for 9 years, no maintenance, no problems.”

“After 8 long years, this beast runs as good as the very first day. I have it serviced (per the manufacturer’s suggested schedule), and I’ve never had a problem with it…I trained for a marathon with this; I’ve recovered from injuries; I even had my dog running on it!”

Amazon Customers

This is the most crucial positive trait of the F80. You really get something you can believe in. It will be perfect for you if you run a lot and do it frequently.

Forget about the fragile machines that need a change every year. This one has substance! 

Another positive thing is…

The Sole F80 Treadmill Makes The Speed and Incline Control a Breeze. 

You can be the management master by conveniently controlling your speed and incline from various places. There are different places from where you can manage your treadmill + preset buttons to jump directly to a particular speed or incline. 

Sole F80 Treadmill Review - the button for incline
Sole F80 Treadmill Review- The button for increasing and decreasing speed
The Colsone of the sole f80 with all the preset buttons for speed and incline

It is especially suitable when you run at high speeds, and every little movement can mean a lot for your balance. With the buttons of the Sole F80 Treadmill, you feel confident and secure by having enough options for convenient control!

“We especially like the speed and incline button on the handles.”

Amazon Customers

All this means a no-look speed and incline adjustment. What can be better? 

The Sole F80 Treadmill is Also Very Caring For You And Those Around You! 

Because your training environment will be a quiet one. The F80 is a silent machine that helps you enjoy the calmness of your ears and the ears of those around you. 

This means much more pleasant training than running on a machine resembling a construction site.

“only use it when my kids are asleep, and it is super quiet. I’m amazed and extremely pleased.”

“It’s quiet enough I could watch a movie at normal volume while using it.”

Amazon Customers

There is harmony around you, and you train in a lovely environment! This means that you enjoy your running much more and come back again and again.

More results, more accomplishment, more satisfaction!

But what if you don’t like the silence. Then…

The Sole F80 Treadmill Helps To Take Your Device With You!

The Treadmill will no longer be a Dreadmill! Here you have a media holder that lets you bring your device into your workouts! You can add as much entertainment as you want! And you can even “mirror” and insert your device on the Sole F80’s “Touch Screen” screen, which makes it a 10.1″ device. 

picture of the console
Sole F80 Treadmill Review - picture of the tablet holer

Have even more fun, and make your workouts the most enjoyable experience possible. This way, you will be looking forward to running! Isn’t establishing the craving for something healthy what we all want our bodies to push us toward? 

“The insert for my tablet/laptop is perfect for the media I want to watch.”

“I love the Bluetooth capability.”

Sole Customers

Play music, watch videos, shows, podcasts, whatever you like! And you can be assured that your device is secure! 

The treadmill looks fantastic but what about the company itself?

Eliminate All Possible Problems With The Sole’s Support

No matter what you encounter in your running journey with the Sole F80, you can be sure that there is always someone you can turn to that will love to help you with anything! 

“Shelly was able to get me everything I needed in a timely manner.”

“The customer service that I received when inquiring about an additional tablet holder was terrific! The representative troubleshot my problem and was able to help me resolve my issue. SOLE is the best!”

Amazon Customers

You will stay confident, assured, and with peace of mind because you know your treadmill will always be taken care of. Experts are ready to help; you don’t need to become one to keep your treadmill in excellent working condition. 

And now it’s time to check…

What You Might Not Like About the Sole F80 Treadmill

And the first thing is its size and weight. This thing weighs as much as a refrigerator and can be even more extensive. Its 82.5″ and 209cm length means it can be taller than a standard door! 

picture of a refrigerator that resembles the weight of the treadmill

Also, if you fold it, it can become half its length, but it is still pretty noticeable! 

picture that shows how large the sole f80 is even when folded
the sole f80 folded. picture from the right side

“Delivery guys had a heck of a time getting this thing up the stairs.”

“Please bear in mind this is a very, very, VERY heavy item, and the box it is shipped with is huge.”

“The folding function and hold/release does work well, but it doesn’t go completely vertical and at the end of the day doesn’t save much space – this thing is giant and very HEAVY!”

Amazon Customers

Ensure you warm up your joints and back before carrying this heavy machine! You will thank yourself if you call some friends or relatives to help you with the movement of the F80.

A Good idea is to unpack it and move it part by part. And if you prefer to pay some more to spare yourself the hassle, you can choose a delivery to “Room of Choice” from Sole’s website and enjoy the show! 

No Tornadoes Near The Sole F80

Two beautiful little fans come integrated into the treadmill, but they aren’t something that will cool you well. They will provide a slight breeze, but if you want something to reduce the heat you might be feeling, it will be better to use a separate and more powerful fan.

The fans of the treadmill which are not so powerful

“The fans on the front are a nice feature, but they are a bit wimpy. I had to add a floor fan to help with the airflow.”

“Sole would do itself a favor and not install the fan and just reduce the price slightly.”

“I have a big fan next to it for the summer workouts because the fan that comes with it is not sufficient.”

Amazon Customers

The Hand Rails Might be a Little Too Low For You

Some people report that the handrails on the sole f80 treadmill are challenging to hold onto because of their height. If you are a tall person and insist on the ability to hold onto the treadmill, then you should search for something “taller.”

Sole F80 Treadmill Review- picture that shows the treadmill when on incline and how low the handlebars are

“I’m short (5’2″), and the heart rate handles seem very low even for me. When at an incline, I feel like I have to bend over to use them, which makes my back hurt.”

Amazon Customer

The Sole f80 simply wants you to run more, and that is why it makes the handles uncomfortable to hold on to. You better swing your arms! It thinks for your progress. And if you want to see your pulse, you better use a Heart Rate Monitor.

And the last thing you should be aware of is that…

There is Always a Possibility For Misfunctioning

Even though not reported frequently, some people get a machine that doesn’t work from the start.

“After assembling, tried to use for the first time and got error LS1.”

“Slow speed error…stops the machine.”

“After setting up the treadmill, we noticed that the incline function was not working.”

Amazon Customers

The percentage of the people that report such issues is 3.3% of all Sole F80 experiences. So the possibility is small. Still, it is good to have it in mind.

And even if you encounter such a problem, you shouldn’t worry. If you decide, you can always return the machine, and if you want to keep it and fix it, there is customer service that will do its best to help you.

And Finally, always make sure to keep your treadmill in good condition by following the instructions in your treadmill’s manual. This usually includes lubrication, dust removal, cleaning, etc… You make it serve you long! 

And now let’s see…

How People Explain The Product

“OUTSTANDING piece of equipment! Best we have ever purchased!!!”

“This fit our needs perfectly which are for a machine that puts the money into motor and deck(length, width and cushioning) as opposed to electronics gadgetry.”

“It offers none of the new, popular on-line workout programs/ links. So if you want someone yelling at you to go faster it will be in person. Better yet, join the military. They will even pay you.”

“I’m 200 lbs, 6’3” and have been running on this for 9 years, no maintenance, no problems. Very stable deck to run on. If it’s in your price range, just buy it and stop looking.”

“3.5 years after purchase and my F80 is still going strong. Both my wife and I use it regularly and it does what it is supposed to do – steadily function as a good treadmill.”

“It’s like having one of the gym’s treadmills at home. It’s great quality, it’s very quiet, and very sturdy. I would absolutely buy this again.”

“I’ve owned a lower-end treadmill ($900), and used a higher-end treadmill ($2,200) prior to the F80. The F80 is the best.”

“This is a very high quality treadmill and worth every dollar.”

“This machine is heavy duty and is made for serious workouts.”

“To me the Sole F80 falls in the category of solid components with few real extras/bells/whistles.”

Amazon Customers

Should You Buy The Sole F80 Treadmill? 

If you want a machine that will serve you for years to come. If you want a treadmill that goes at high speeds and not only can reach them but can sustain them without tension on the machine, then Sole F80 will satisfy you.

Suppose you are searching for something robust, made for intensive usage, and digging for a machine that will enable you to push your limits without pushing it into the trash bins afterward. In that case, you might like the Sole F80.

This is a machine for advanced runners. It can bear a lot, and will love it if you give it to it. So If you want something very sturdy and want to pay at most 2k $, The F80 is the perfect option!

F80 means years of high pace, high heart rate, progress, and satisfaction from running. Rise your performance by buying a treadmill created for performance!

There is nothing more I can say about the F80 except that it is incredible… Again Sole provides runners with one of the best ratios of price/specifications.

Suppose you search for a high-performance treadmill with many running opportunities on sturdy ground, with little electronics and entertainment. In that case, this is your machine and Sole, your company.

And if you want to find a treadmill that will better suit your needs, click here to check the other reviews on HomeRunningPrep.