WARNING! In this review, you will meet one of the sturdiest treadmills available on the market – the Sole TT8 treadmill. It is not for people searching for fragile machines!

This is one of the “grand” treadmills you can buy for your home. It provides one of the most durable, reinforced, firm, and bullet-taking components. The top value of the TT8 is robustness.

You will no longer hesitate whether you will do harm to the machine if you run too much. There is nothing that can be too much for the Sole TT8 treadmill. You get one of the most bearing running grounds, and I am not exaggerating…

Of the 65 most famous treadmills on the market, this one comes with top specifications, which solidity is hardly reached by other models. This means you can flip marathon after marathon on this treadmill, and you won’t make it struggle.

This belt, this deck, this motor, and the construction of the TT8, are ready to take whatever you decide to put on them. Wearing out the TT8 is something unusual. It is made to last! With the intention of making your great shape last too!

You might be tired of weak treadmills wobbling, skipping, and making loud noises that translate into: “Please, slow down a little; I find it difficult.” With the Sole TT8, you will be tired only from running!

Sole TT8 treadmill review - picture of the treadmill in its wholeness

There is compensation for the outstanding construction. It is not a “smart” treadmill, and maybe it won’t be the best exercise assistant. The best way to use it is in manual mode, where you set the speed yourself. But once you start running… There will be nothing to stop you!

Let’s dive into the details of the Sole TT8 treadmill, so you can decide…

Is The Sole TT8 The Treadmill for Your Needs?

This is the section where I will translate the specifications of the treadmill, so you can get a better picture of what the TT8 has to offer. And whether it suits your needs, shape, and running intentions!

If you don’t want to read all the particulars, jump to “Who will enjoy the Sole TT8 treadmill most?” But for now, let’s see…

How Fast Can You Go? For How Long Can You Keep 12 mph?

The Sole TT8 can reach 12 mph (19.3 km/h). This is probably slower than your max-out sprint speed if you run regularly. But it is fast and something intense to keep for long. The only exception is if you are Kipchoge. His marathon sub 2h pace is 13.2 mph.

12 mph is 5min mile, 3:07/km, and 15:32/5k. If those times are something you will be glad to train on, then the TT8 will be fast enough for you. If you want faster speeds, you will best go with a manual, curved treadmill. A belt moving faster than 12mph is not the safest thing.

To get a perception of the speed, here is a video where I run at 10 mph (my treadmill’s top speed)

Running with an opportunity for 12 mph will be sufficient for most runners, even advanced ones. It will be easy to push your limits and expand your running abilities if you stay on it long enough.

You will get a treadmill that can go fast, but how long will it sustain such an operation?

The motor power of the Sole TT8 Treadmill

By buying the TT8, you get an untiring pacer who seems like keeping the high pace forever.

The TT8 has a 4.0 HP motor, so you can run daily at high speeds. Only a few treadmills have 4.0+ HP. This power enables fast running every day, a couple of times per day… + here you get a flywheel, which makes it bear even more… It smells like a commercial grade.

the motor cover of the sole tt8 treadmill

“On cheaper (lower powered) models, the belt will strain every time your foot hits the ground. Just like a commercial treadmill, the Sole TT8 does not even seem to notice. Even when running at full 6% decline, there is no noticeable strain on the motor or slippage of the belt.”

Sole Customer

Embed the power of the TT8 into you by training without limitation with the 4.0 HP motor. Truly push your limits because this motor is suitable for countless hours of operation. You don’t need to worry about the sustainability of the machine!

Custom terrain, perfect fit for your workout needs!

Imagine you are running outdoors and want to get a little incline to pump your legs and hope for this behind the next turn. But what do you get when you get there? Downhill!

This won’t happen to you anymore because, with the Sole TT8 treadmill, you have complete control over the slope of your terrain and can go from -6% to +15% incline.

The Sole TT8 when declined
The Sole TT8 when on max incline

Get the perfect angle for your workout needs – every time. Train just how you like it and need it, and never depend on the outdoor terrain. This way, you don’t need to search for suitable terrain or commute to it. It is in your room!

 With the wide range of incline options, you train yourself the best way, and people wonder how you are so fast?

Speed and incline seem good, but…

Is the running surface of the sole TT8 treadmill sufficient for your top speed?

Can you run on a tightrope? Like all those balance people? You don’t need to! Because the running surface of the Sole TT8 is long and wide enough, you don’t restrict your movements and don’t worry whether you will step out of the belt!

You get 22/60″ (56/152cm). For the best perspective, take a tape measure and see exactly how big this surface is. You can open your stride as much as you want; the TT8 will take it!

the running surface of the sole tt8

“It’s got a very long stride allowance.”

“The treadmill deck/belt is plenty wide to allow for natural running form.”

Sole Customers

With such length and width, you can release your run, relax your body, and run freely; the deck of the Sole TT8 is there to take it all. Get the confidence to run on a reliable surface!

And its size is not the only good…

Combination of softness and firmness – the deck of the Sole TT8 Treadmill

The symbol of the treadmill cushioning

The longer you run, the more your joints suffer. That is not true with the Sole TT8! Because of its cushioning, you can still run on firm ground, but your joints get less impact and can carry you more!

“The deck cushioning of the Sole TT8 is one of the best I have ever felt. Many more expensive treadmills still feel like running on a slab.”

“I struggle to describe how nice and natural it feels, but the difference is night and day.”

Sole Customers

Help your joints carry you through the many miles by running on the cushioned deck of the Sole TT8. This way, you get the progress without getting the pain; what’s better?

This way, you can run more, which means more progress, better results, and better emotions at the finish line!

And now…

How “Tanky” is the Sole TT8 Treadmill?

Tank Graphic representing the sturdiness and solidness of the treadmill.

How can you become a firmer and more powerful runner if your treadmill is not firm and powerful enough?

The “superpower” of the Sole TT8 is that you get one of the most stable surfaces for running. Durable surface for sound running preparation! You can try to hit it with a hammer, and you will notice how reinforced, strong, and firm the TT8 is.

Attention! The max user weight of the Sole TT8 is 400 lbs (181kg).

I haven’t seen a treadmill that can bear more than 400 lbs. This is the most that a residential treadmill can give you. You can hit it as hard as you can; you can jump on it if you want… It will sustain.

To get a perception of how much can the Sole TT8 sustain, you can train a male reindeer on it, and it will still be able to function!

Male reindeer that can run on the treadmill and will not be too heavy

This way, you can run knowing that under you is one of the sturdiest surfaces available… Feel the stability and strength and insert them in your legs!

The treadmill’s weight itself is 322lbs (146kg).

It might be big and heavy, but it provides stability when you run! This is an obedient treadmill… It stays where you put it and doesn’t move!

Run with peace of mind and confidence that it won’t throw you left or right! – it is stable and stays where you put it!

Lifespan of the Sole TT8 Treadmill

You get a lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 years on the motor and deck, 3 years on electronics, and 1 year on labor. This is the light-commercial-grade warranty you get if you buy a treadmill for your home.

Regarding this treadmill’s specs, it is meant to have a long lifespan beyond its warranty.

Do you like to repair broken machines and spend money on that repair for parts? I bet you don’t! And that is why there is a warranty for the Sole TT8 treadmill, which means that if something goes wrong within this time frame, you get free support, repair, and parts from Sole!

You can do 43,800 hours of operation on the Sole TT8 (running it nonstop for 5 years), and you will get a free replacement on the motor if it doesn’t sustain.

With the warranty, you always get someone to help you, you get free repairs, and you don’t have to figure out the repair on your own. You are set free to run your workout and live your life without the need to think about the machine too much and worry about it.


It’s a Big treadmill that enables big joy from running on it!

The dimensions of the Sole TT8 treadmill are  82 / 36 / 58“ (208.2 / 91 / 147cm)

If you try to move the treadmill box through your door when upright, you might find it taller than your door.

You will be glad if you get somebody to help you with the transportation and the assembly of the TT8. Beware also that it doesn’t fold! Consider this and choose a place where it will fit and won’t cause difficulty moving around!

“it’s bigger than I thought it would be. Very industrial looking.”

Sole Customer

Once assembled and set, you can run freely on such an extensive treadmill, and you feel more relaxed and more assured in your run because there is plenty of space to run on. You love your running and feel good!

Overall, the Sole TT8 is one of the “tankiest” treadmills on the market, with one of the best components. It is good because it is super stable and can bear everything you put on it.

“It is very heavy duty and well-made, better than some other commercial models I have used in health clubs.”

“It’s super stable too. I took it up to 10mph without a wobble.”

“Very sturdy (Built like a Tank) and very heavy.”

Sole Customers

If you seek stability and want to use it for excellent running, this is a great option, leading us to…

Who Will Enjoy The Sole TT8 Most?

This will be the marathoner, the advanced runner who runs almost daily. It is perfect for families where more than one person is training. Said: It is ideal for an incredible amount of hits!

The person who will enjoy it most will be someone seeking performance. Someone who wants a machine created to bear the most intensive running. Sprints, High-Intensity Interval Training, hours of running, 2 people simultaneously… It is ready for everything!

As I said, this is one of the sturdiest treadmills and is hungry for a lot of running. If you, instead, want to jog lightly or walk on it, then it will leave the TT8 unsatisfied. It is like driving Ferrari at 30mph (50km/h).

If you want to go with lower speeds and lesser intensity, consider the F63 model, which will fold, and take you less space.

But if you have decided that it is time to skyrocket your running performance, and you are ready to register new personal bests, then consider giving the Sole TT8 treadmill a try:

How Have I Written This Review?

I don’t have the treadmill in my home, so I can’t tell you from personal experience whether this treadmill is good or bad. But I have done something else. I have researched all possible feedback from hundreds of real customers.

I have examined how many of them are happy and how many are frustrated. What makes them pleased or frustrated. What are the main benefits of the treadmill? And I will tell you what flaws you can expect. Something that the manufacturer won’t :).

picture of different people running on treadmills and giving feedback about their experience

And this, instead of being a 1-person review, it is gathered information from hundreds of experiences with this treadmill. It is enough to address everything you want to know about this machine.

What Else To Like About The Sole TT8 treadmill

Let’s begin with the Sole TT8’s opportunity to hold everything you need while training. The perfect assistant puts everything you need in one hand from you!

That’s because the Sole TT8 has seven separate holders (4 on the console and 3 beneath) where you can put your phone, speaker, refreshments, or even hang a towel. 

4 cup holders on the console
3 more holders under the console

I bet you don’t love interrupting your workout in the middle to go down and take something you need? Not so productive workout… “Sole” has thought of it! 

“Plenty of storage area on the panel for drinks, remotes, phones, and whatnot”

Sole Customer

Take care of yourself by giving you everything you need for your perfect workout, and having it close to you, always accessible!


Calm your ears by running on the Sole TT8 treadmill.

I bet you don’t like the sound of loud machines in your head. And the Sole TT8 doesn’t like it as well. That is why it is quiet! You won’t need to raise your voice too much while running…

Also, everybody around you will be happy because they will be relaxed and calm and won’t have a strain on their ears. Imagine how much they will love you when you don’t ruin their mood with your treadmill’s “brum brum” sounds.

“It is also amazingly quiet. Not just the motor but the sound produced by the runner on the deck. If your TV was on in your bedroom, you would not hear someone running on this thing in the room over.”

“When operating, the machine is very quiet.”

Sole Customers

You get a much more silent workout and enjoy it more. This way, you can train early and late and don’t awaken those around you. No worries, or thinking that you are making a disturbance will keep the guilt away! 

This way, there is no reason to avoid running on the treadmill. Sounds like perseverance and better results! 

Do you know what breeze is? Assembly is a breeze! 

assembly graphic of screw wrench

There is no need to be a technician to put the TT8 together! The only thing needed to assemble TT8 is attention and following the instructions! It is that simple!

“Assembly was a breeze, The tolerances were good, and all bolts lined up correctly; instructions were mostly clear.”

“I assembled it myself in about 1 hour with ease by following simple directions.”

“Very solid, easy to put together with a pair of extra hands here and there.”

Sole Customers

All this means you will spend less time and energy assembling and more running! What’s better for your progress and growth? 

In Addition: 

The Sole TT8 does not require any membership to use it. This means no subscriptions, no draining wallets, and nothing to distract you. It is you and the moving belt – running into a better life! 

Until now, we have discussed the positive side of the TT8. But as you have probably noticed, perfection is uncommon in our world. So let’s see…

What You Might Not Like About The Sole TT8 Treadmill

And one significant inconvenience is that it’s huge and heavy! I advise you to warm up before trying to move this beast because, as you might already know, it is 322 lbs (146kg)

the sole tt8 treadmill is huge and heavy. a picture in whole size

Even if you are one of the most muscular men in the world and plan to move it part by part, you will be glad if you ask for help moving the TT8.

“It is EXTREMELY HEAVY…this is no chance treadmill.”

“With quality comes weight. This thing is HEAVY.”

“Assembled ourselves; took 2 very strong men to move.”

“Get some friends to move it up any stairs; you won’t be able to do it on your own….trust me.”

Sole Customers

Suppose you think this procedure of moving it into your room will be too complicated. In that case, you can pay a little more and choose delivery to “room of choice,” which means that the people will carry the treadmill inside and leave it exactly where you want it.

Another thing is…

No wind resistance on the Sole TT8 treadmill.

There is a fan on the treadmill, but it is not that powerful. If you expect and want a strong airflow during your run, you will be better off putting a separate fan next to you.

the fan of the sole tt8

“There’s a nice attempt at a fan blowing at your face, but it’s pretty dinky.”

“The fan could be stronger and variable speed.”

“The fan is pathetic with only one speed and does very little for cooling when running above 8.0.”

Sole Customers

But if you don’t mind sweating and even find it good for your body, the weaker fan won’t be a problem.


The display does not show hundredths of a mile

Suppose you want to rely on the accuracy and plan to run repeats of short distances under 1k. In that case, the distance measurement of the Sole TT8 may not be detailed enough…

“The display does not show hundredths of a mile. So it will go from 4.7 to 4.8 with no clear way to identify when you hit 4.75 miles.”

“Distance is only measured to the first decimal place, so you can’t run a quarter mile during a workout or get accurate distance numbers… All in all, it’s a great treadmill if you aren’t interested in accurate distance numbers or if you’ll be running 200m/400m repeats.”

Sole Customers

If you insist on detailed measures of distance, you will be better off relying on your smartwatch or foot pod.

And the main drawback of the TT8 is…

The Sole TT8 is not “the smartest” treadmill

Here you have a machine renowned for its deck, belt, rollers, motor, and all the components that give you a reliable running surface. But when it comes to the interface and the software… It can be much better.

“I’d like it if their app wasn’t useless.”

“I feel mechanically the Sole is a much better machine, but I am disappointed with the interface.”

“I am very dissatisfied with the user interface.Only one of the programs, HILL, has a warm-up period.”

“The workout programs do not have warm-up or rest-down segments, so I do not use them.”

“The maximum amount of time for any program is 99 minutes.”

“I would personally not recommend this treadmill and would advise someone looking for a treadmill with state-of-the-art features to look in a different direction.”

“It doesn’t have the most fancy-schmancy options on it, but it has enough to get the job done.”

Sole Customers

It is perfect for running in manual mode, changing the speed and the incline yourself. After all, it only requires clicking some quick buttons. Suppose you initially go without the intention of buying a treadmill that will modify your run automatically. In that case, the TT8 will be ideal for you! 

Let’s now see…

What People Say About the Sole TT8 Treadmill: 

“I like everything about this treadmill. Tremendous value for what you get.”

“I owned a 6-year-old Sole TT8 but was dissatisfied that it didn’t display 100ths of a mile or a quarter mile track. It also didn’t have a button to return the incline to zero. Therefore, I decided to purchase an older model NordicTrack 2450… The 2450 isn’t as sturdy as my TT8 was, so I worry about its durability.”

“It has exceeded my expectations in every way. It feels much better than any of the treadmills that I use at the gym.”

“It’s in a whole different class than you will find with any home treadmill and blows anything else away for the price.”

“My wife uses it the most and can’t get enough of it.”

“I’m not sure why the reviews aren’t higher on this treadmill.”

“I’m a regular runner logging about 50 miles per week. I hate running indoors, but if I have to, this is the treadmill I would pick. It’s got none of the useless nonsense fancy garbage some of the other models have. Just workouts and a good solid surface that won’t let you down.”

“I wanted to make sure that I purchased a treadmill that could withstand many, many miles. I run marathons and ultra-marathons, so I didn’t want a flimsy pc of equipment…For 2,300 dollars, I can’t imagine that there is a better treadmill on the market; you just have to run on it one time to see what I’m talking about.”

“Somehow, the company has devised a machine that is both durable and inexpensive.”

Sole Customers

Should You Buy The Sole TT8 Treadmill? 

This is a serious machine. It is something that can take you to the moon. Not because it can fly… But because it can make you in a shape where you no longer feel gravity! 

Such incredible sturdiness is rarely found on other treadmills. This is the Sole’s most robust treadmill. And one of the top in the whole market (It was long comparison). This will let you run like never before for years. 

If you are tired of unreliable and shaky treadmills where you are not 100% confident in their sustainability… If you want to finally rid all the distractions and all the entertainment and immerse fully into becoming a better runner…

And if you want to be pushing your limits day after day. And by running to enjoy a ground you believe in… Something that allows you to be the fastest version of yourself, ever-expanding for years…

Then don’t look any further! The Sole TT8 is for you!

And if you think there is a better treadmill for your needs, click here to check the reviews of other machines!