Do you want a treadmill that will fit your “not-so-ambitious” running goals? You don’t want to win competitions and aim to raise your overall tonus? Will the xterra tr300 treadmill check your plans? 

Here, we talk about a treadmill that doesn’t have bells and whistles. A treadmill that lets you run toward better health, raised energy levels, and more power in your life without the very high intensity or “dangerous” speeds. 

Do all those “super treadmills” that go lightning speed concern you a little? Are they too fast and too fancy for you? You won’t even use them to their total capacity? Why then pay more? 

Have you seen all those treadmills that have TVs on them and make great sound from their high-end speakers, with interactive coaches changing the speed for you… If all of this seems excessive for you, then…

Xterra tr300 treadmill might be the machine to rise you up, to make you feel fresh and alive again. To help you bring this sense of strength to your body without offering the highest speeds and variety of running training opportunities. It is built more for running the belt, nothing extraordinary, but still decent.

The Xterra TR300 Treadmill

But let’s dive deeper and see exactly how decent this treadmill is…

Is Xterra Tr300 The Treadmill For YOUR Needs?

This is the section where I will reveal the specs of this treadmill and translate what they mean for your fitness preparation.

How fast does it go?

As I said, this treadmill won’t be like the cars from Formula 1. It goes up to 10mph (16 kph), which might be lacking if you are after running sprints and doing high-intensity workouts.

If you wonder how fast 10 mph is, the average walking speed is 3mph. At 4.4 mph, your walking is transformed into jogging. And then, from 5mph to 10 mph, you are simply increasing the stride length and frequency of strides. This is a video where I run at 10mph:

10 mph is not slow, don’t get me wrong. Simply this treadmill is not constructed for high speeds and will suit people who prefer easy runs. The other thing determining how intense the xterra tr300 treadmill can go is…

The Motor

Here we have a 2.25HP motor, which means that the power inserted in this treadmill is more suited to bear joggings than decent runs… The optimal usage for this treadmill should be at around 6mph. 

But hey, remember you have a lifetime warranty on the motor, so you can burn it from running if you decide. But you should think about your other parts… They are ensured for only 1 year…

As a whole picture, this treadmill is only created for a little intensive usage… If you plan to make sprints, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), go fast, 7 days per week, and have reliable preset programs, you should look elsewhere…

Conversely, if you imagine yourself instead jogging happily, without your heart jumping from your chest… Suppose you are searching for a straightforward machine to keep you from overwhelming yourself with the endless opportunities it hides. In that case, you might like the xterra tr300 treadmill…

The “power” might be enough, but what about…

The Running Surface of the Xterra TR300 Treadmill

On the Xterra tr300 treadmill, you will find a 20/55″ (50/140cm) running surface. Considering that you won’t exceed 10mph (16kph), this running surface will be enough for most people. 

the xterra tr300 treadmill's running surface

The only exception might be people who are very tall (like 2m+) and want to use the treadmill’s top speed. Otherwise, this machine is wide enough to make you feel confident and not constantly looking at your feet. 

What hills can the xterra tr300 treadmill create?

The fun thing is… It comes on an incline… Many people report that when the machine is at a “0” incline, it is not totally flat and has an angle you can remove if you release your engineer capabilities and put something underneath the back end of the treadmill to level it. 

In addition to this “default” incline, you can rise it 10 levels above it. This allows you to raise the intensity of your training without raising the speed or the frequency of your strides.

It is a decent incline to satisfy decent hill desires. You won’t need to lean your body forward too much to deal with the highest angle. Still, the burn in your legs can come easier. If you don’t want super steep hills and will be satisfied with 10%, the xterra tr300 might be an option. 

Is it soft? 

Yeah, the xterra tr300 treadmill has an “extra soft” deck. 

“This is the first treadmill I have had that does NOT hurt my knees or ankles. Feels like I’m on soft terrain.”

Amazon Customer

This way, you might say goodbye to the pain in your knees. The cushioning that this and most treadmills provide works ideally for achieving a high fitness level without wearing out your legs too much.

Imagine your body getting the fitness results you want, but your legs are half beaten up than if you achieve the same effects on harder terrain. The cushioning of a treadmill spares you the pressure and the hits of the hard surface, so your joints won’t suffer that much. 

The overall capabilities of this treadmill look decent. But what are they if the machine is not solid and built well enough? It’s time to consider…

How Tanky is Xterra TR300?

I love and look for this most in treadmills – whether they are sturdy enough so you can jump on them as much as you want and they will still be whole.

How tanky is the xterra tr300 treadmill

The xterra tr300 treadmill is 207 lbs (93kg). Considering the average weight of all the famous and renowned treadmills I have reviewed (240 lbs/ 109kg), this one is not one of the most massive ones… Although the max user weight is 300 lbs (136kg), it is…

“Very sturdy when you are running on it. Max weight 300 lbs, my husband is 240 pounds and used the highest incline at 10 mph and was steady on it; the machine wasn’t swaying or shaking or anything.”

Amazon Customer

The dimensions are 72.2 / 35 / 54.1″ | 183 / 88.9 / 137.3cm (L/W/H). Again, not the largest on the market. It is big enough to sustain you in your easy runs. The dimensions of the xterra tr300 treadmill, considering the not-so-high expected speed of usage, will make you feel comfortable and confident in your run. 

The motor and frame warranty is “lifetime,” but you get only 1y for parts. As I mentioned earlier, this is not that promising for me. Regarding this length, maybe tr300 won’t have super-reinforced components.

From all of the above, I can say that tr300 is not the “tackiest” treadmill. It is solid, stable, and will bear all your runs. This means it can come more compact to you, so there won’t be one enormous piece of equipment to wonder where to place it in your home. And not fragile by any means.

folded xterra tr300 treadmill

Let’s finally see…

Who will enjoy the xterra tr300 treadmill most?

The person who will enjoy the xterra tr300 treadmill most will be the type of runner that wants a piece of equipment to keep them in good tonus and overall shape rather than one who wants to skyrocket their running performance.

This is a treadmill that will work best at around 6-7-8 mph. It can go 10, but the overall idea of building it is not to be Ferrari. Jogging to light and fresh running is ideal for this treadmill. 

 If you want to do various workouts, including sprints, intervals, etc. and are an elite runner searching for top performance, you better check other treadmills. 

 But if you are a beginner and want to build the base of your future running, planning to take it easy, without very intensive workouts 7 days per week, high speeds, and ponds of sweat, give it a try.

It can raise your overall shape, boost your energy levels, and increase your physical condition to excellent levels. If you are consistent, of course.

How Have I Written This Review?

I don’t have the treadmill in my home, so I can’t tell you from personal experience whether this treadmill is good or bad. But I have done something else. I have researched all possible feedback from hundreds of real customers. I have examined how many of them are happy and how many are frustrated. What makes them pleased or frustrated. What are the main benefits of the treadmill? And I will tell you what flaws you can expect. Something that the manufacturer won’t tell you :).

And this, instead of being a 1-person review, it is gathered information from more than 120 experiences with this treadmill. It is enough to address everything you want to know about this machine.

What Makes Xterra Tr300 a Good Choice?

The Cupholders

People report, “The cupholders are pretty large and should fit most water bottles, another nice feature.”; “I love the cupholders.” You can even use them for your phone.

The console of xterra tr300 treadmill

With such cupholders, you can easily prepare refreshments for yourself to take while you run. This is perfect for your longer runs because you will have the fueling available without the need to carry it.

Runs smooth

Another great thing about this treadmill is its smoothness

“The way it transitions between speed and incline feels very smooth/natural.”;

“runs very smooth”;

“Like the fact of how smooth it works.”

Amazon Customers

Having a treadmill that is pleasant to run on is essential. The smoothness of the xterra tr300 can make you come back again and again to the treadmill for more workouts because it feels great. More persistence, better results, you know :). 

The Xterra tr300 treadmill can be “ Fairly easy to assemble.”

When you don’t have problems with the screws and the bolts (you will see what I talk about below), and there is a fellow with you, assembly is pretty straightforward:

“The assembly took about 30 minutes with everything fitting together nicely.”

“This one was easy to assemble (with help – it makes a big difference having one person hold parts in place while the other tightens the bolts).”

Amazon Customers

The Delivery of the Xterra TR300 Treadmill

is reported to be well done, with the machine rarely damaged because of the “sturdy packaging”:

“arrived in very sturdy packaging, and nothing was broken or cracked-no screws were missing.”

“packaged well in a sturdy box.”

“It took longer to unpack it than it did to assemble it, as it was packed really well.”

Amazon Customers

The Machine Seems to be Quiet 

“As for use, it’s quiet, quiet enough that I can watch TV while using it.”

“Very smooth run, and the motor is quiet.  I can use it in the room next to mine with both doors open, and you don’t hear it.”

Amazon Customers

No Need For Subscriptions

Another good thing about this treadmill is that there is no need for subscriptions. This means you can use it as much and whenever you want and never be required to pay a monthly fee.

“I didn’t have to subscribe to no wonky program to use it, so that was a plus.”

Amazon Customer

Great customer service

Some people are delighted by the customer service of xterra. Although you might not be replied immediately by email, some people say:

“Xterra has amazing customer service! I will definitely get products from them again.”

“It is also worth noting that I had some initial issues upon delivery and after setup. An Xterra Co. representative acknowledged my issues with professionalism, ease, and expediency. I am 110% satisfied with my purchase””

Amazon Customers

See where the Xterra Tr300 treadmill might be weak:

The Speakers of the Xterra TR300 Treadmill

Might not be the best you will listen to. After all, this is a treadmill, and the tr300 is not made that much for listening to music from it…

speaker graphic

“My main complaint is with the speaker quality. It is very low, and the music does not sound clear at all.”

“Don’t count on the built-in speakers to be much better than those in the average laptop.”

Amazon Customers

You will be much better off using your own Bluetooth speaker and putting it into the cupholders or somewhere close to you.

The Fan

Also, rely on something other than the built-in fan… It is not robust, and you might not even feel it :).

fan graphic

“Unfortunately, the fan is almost useless to me.”

“The only dislike that I have is that the fan is basically useless. It’s not very strong; it blows on the midsection of a person, so it doesn’t really do much good.”

The Media Shelf

is another thing that you might not like in this treadmill. It is not stable at all…

“My one complaint would be that the media shelf is a little small. I have an issue fitting my iPhone on there securely.”

“The tray to set phones/tablets on is a little too small, I have an iPhone X, and my phone won’t rest there safely without the fear of slipping off; I have a pretty slim fitting case on, too, so I genuinely believe the “shelf” is just too short.”

Amazon Customers

Not flat

Something I already mentioned that I will repeat now is that the xterra tr300 treadmill is not flat. Suppose you are insisting on a treadmill with an accurate 0 incline. In that case, you must put something underneath the back end or simply look for a different machine…

“The front is about an inch and a half taller than the back”

“So far, my only real complaint has been that it is wildly inaccurate with the level angle. Even with the short feet on the back unscrewed all the way out to correct the angle, it was still not level on a level floor.”

Amazon Customers

Preset Programs

If you want to use preset programs that automatically change your speed, then you might be disappointed because..:

 “The speed/incline programs are terrible. When the program description shows a straight line for speed (indicating no change in speed,) no matter what you set your speed at, the treadmill will automatically revert to its minimum speed (0.5 mph) every. Single. MINUTE. It’s so disruptive and annoying.”

“Also beware when using the program feature many of the programs will drop the speed to the minimum setting set at calibration (max 1 mph) at multiple intervals.”


Changing your speeds and incline with the buttons is the better way to achieve what you want. This works without problems and keeps the speed and incline without changing them.

The Pulse Meter

People report that:

“The pulse meter takes 2-3 minutes to get an accurate reading and starts over if you take your hands off for a microsecond, but that’s not a big deal.”

Amazon Customer

Suppose you insist on an accurate and reliable Heart Rate measure. In that case, using a Heart Rate Monitor is a better option…

Possible difficulties

In this section, I will reveal some possible difficulties you might or might not encounter. These are not weak points of the treadmill itself. These are the possible misfortunes you can experience when buying a tr300.

Screws might not line up (1.85%)

The one thing that some people report (1.85% of all responses) is that when you unpack your treadmill and start assembling it, some screws might now line up…

“Screws on the hand bars don’t line up, I couldn’t get in the last one, so I left it.”

“Fighting these four bolts was frustrating! Took a long time. If you get it together, it is a very nice smooth running treadmill.”

“There are a couple of screws that will, when you square/plumb everything together, they will not find the hole; you will need to make the arms off a 1/2 inch or so. Frustrating, but it will work in the end.”

“The screw holes did not match at all, and I needed to drill the hole out to get it to work… If you want a great unit, don’t let the drilling of the hole stop you from getting this”

“The bar that goes to the arm handles was drilled completely different from the pilot holes given, so we had to drill new holes in the metal piece.”

Amazon Customers

You can either make it with some struggle or drill new holes. 

Dead on arrival (1.65%)

Some people report (1.65% of all responses) that they cannot use their treadmill because some part is broken or the treadmill is not starting. 

“Item came broken.”

“Once the treadmill was assembled, I turned on the machine to find E5 Error Code.”

“I received and put together. The treadmill did not work.”

Amazon Customers

Be careful not to pinch wires and their connections as you assemble the treadmill. If you cut them, the treadmill won’t turn on for sure… Remember that even if something is wrong, you can always return it.

Something might brake (1.65%)

This is a machine, so it is normal if something starts to misfunction. Beware, though, that this machine is not unbreakable, and as with everything, there is the possibility of going out of service (1.65% of the people reported that)…

“We’ve had the treadmill for 2 years, and now the belt has completely stopped.”

“Then, the electrical broke at the 20-month mark. It’s affordable…but at what cost?”

“Barely owned it a year, and we’ve had two different technicians come out to fix it. It’s already broken for a third time!”

“It broke a month after the return window. Very upset”

Amazon Customers

As I said, this treadmill is not made to be a Formula 1. You can enjoy a longer treadmill life if you are gentle with it and treat it tenderly.

These were all the possible negativities associated with this treadmill. Overall 5.15% of all people report such issues. The overall rating of the treadmill is 4.3 stars from 508 ratings, which means many people are satisfied with the machine, and you can be one of them!

What maintenance does it need?

First, put some lube under the belt. For the long term – keep lubricating it as stated. Remove the dust around the motor (inside the front cover), and keep the treadmill clean!

I saw some people complain about their belts slipping and blame the machine for this… It happens to every treadmill and is normal. With time, the belt becomes a little loose, and you need to tighten it.

It is an easy process that almost everybody can do. You should check for tutorials, and you are fine!

So after everything is said about this treadmill, let’s finally check…

What people say about Xterra tr300

xterra tr300 treadmill

“This looks like a very well-built, sturdy treadmill that is very much like the ones that I work out in the gym.”

“One year later, still going strong..great buy.”

“Very solid, durable, stylish, large, more than enough for a full, quality run. Many programs, enough speeds, and inclines.”

“As for the treadmill, it is sturdy, versatile, well priced, moveable, and sized right.”

“All in all, it really is a quality treadmill, I love it, and I will continue to get a lot of use out of it!”

“Whatever minor issues one might have with this treadmill, such as the weak fan and the poor speakers, the bottom line is that this treadmill is an outstanding piece of exercise equipment.”

“This treadmill is very similar to the professional ones at the gym, only better because it’s in my home.”

“I like that everything on this treadmill is straightforward and easy to use, no extra bells and whistles, just what you need to get your run in and go.”

Amazon Customers

As you can see, many people love the xterra tr300 treadmill. The ultimate question, though, is…

Should You Buy the Xterra TR300 Treadmill? 

Only you can answer this question… If you are searching top machine to give you racing speed opportunities, this might be for someone else… Suppose you want options for various workouts and a fast response to changing speed or incline. In that case, this might be for someone else…

But if you want a simple machine that doesn’t offer bells and whistles, that have moderate speeds and nothing dangerous that is beyond your capabilities…

If you are searching for a decent treadmill at a reasonable price to raise your overall health and tonus, and you don’t need to make you able to jump to the moon, then consider giving the xterra tr300 treadmill a try… You can always return it within 30 days of purchase.

If this differs from what you were looking for, click to see the reviews of other treadmills…

They might be a better fit for you!