10!…9!…8!… Wait! Is that a countdown?

7!… 6!… You are standing at the start line… shoulder to shoulder with the people with whom you will reach your limits today. 5!…4!… The adrenaline is throughout your body…

 One focus… One destiny… To run your life to the fullest! Are you ready? 3!…2!… You have done what you have done, now it’s time to RUN! … 1… START!!!

How fast can you run?

Click this watch and immerse yourself into the run. What a start! Can you feel yourself? You are getting your pace, setting your rhythm, and going toward your goal. Stride after stride. Today is the day to give your heart and soul.

Somebody passes you. You pass somebody. Do you keep your pace? How are your legs? Are you getting tired? Are your arms still feeling good and swinging freshly?

How fast can you run? Are you satisfied with your body’s behavior while you are running? Are you within a goal pace, or you are falling behind?

You keep running, no matter what. You give your best at each stride. At one point, your legs get heavy. Your heart is like the EDM genre instead of a peaceful classic. The perceived effort is growing. You can’t help…

Are you slowing down mysteriously, without lowering the desire to run fast? Are you able to increase your pace? Did you just hit the wall? Or it is more like a glide with the momentum that you have toward the finish with no sense of your limbs?

Have you done enough at your running training?

You finished! Give a look at your watch. Is that what you wanted? Are you satisfied with your result? You definitely gave your best today, but were you prepared enough?

Maybe you could have done better in your training? Yes, you may be satisfied because you gave 100% of yourself, which is great, but were that your initial expectations? Did you accomplish your running goals? Maybe you could have prepared better. Trained better…

What is stopping you from enhancing your running performance?

But what are you saying? You have a job? Maybe you are busy? You don’t have enough time? You have a family to look after?

The weather is just freezing outside? Or on the opposite, you don’t associate yourself with a desert creature, and running in 50 degrees C is not according to your nature?

Maybe it is that pain in your leg that can’t give you peace and is restricting you from realizing your full potential. Or you didn’t have an established plan to follow? Were you definite about your preparation and training?

The Home Running Training Revolution

Don’t worry. HomeRunnningPrep eliminates all of the above that is stopping you from good running training, so you can accomplish your hard-desired running goals. I will show you how to insert your running training in the convenience of your home and get the best preparation possible, with less need to struggle.

Your desired trophy

With a treadmill or without, there is plenty of great advice and practices about effective training. It will make you a better, more knowledgeable, more lightened, and prepared runner for reaching your running goals. Also, will help you get this capability satisfaction of the feeling that you actually CAN!!!  

  With HomeRunningPrep, you will no longer need to sacrifice the other aspects of your life. This approach can lower the demanding of your running training, compared to outside practice:

  • You save time, because the treadmill is in your home, and you don’t need to gear up yourself or commute to where you run.
  • Also, you don’t need to wonder where your running course will be. You don’t need to worry whether you will stumble upon and unfriendly and not so appropriate place.
  • You don’t have to worry about running in the dark, either. Your room lights will keep you lit up in the morning and evening, no matter what the sun’s doing.
  • You don’t need to worry about the weather, no matter how hot or cold it gets.
  • You are also close to your family, so they don’t feel your absence. There won’t be more phrases like: “You only go to run, don’t you have family?”…
Happy father training near his kids
  • You receive the opportunity to take off your shoes for a while and strengthen your feet by running “naturally” just like the Kenyans. (Although read my recommendation for this because it has its cautions).

  Why you should listen to me for your running training?

My name is Kiril, and I have dedicated over 50% of my life to running. From national champion to the last person on the results list, from 60m to a marathon, I am wondering what I haven’t experienced in running?

My running has really improved since I started training at home – more perseverance, better life balance, more strength, better stamina, better results, more joy! I dedicate just about an hour a day to running training. And I haven’t been in better shape.

I am here to share this with you as well! It is great to pay attention to all the important aspects of your life and still be in great running shape without risking injuries. That is the philosophy of this site- the balance. It fits running in the busy lifestyle that we all have.

There are much fewer obstacles between you and your training, which helps you be more consistent and stick with your training, which produces much better results. Even if you had an awful day and are feeling like doing nothing…

Hey the treadmill over there is smiling at you for 30 minutes easy run, could you reject? That’s definitely better than gearing up and going outside. This way you say no to procrastination, putting off and the bad weather conditions. Home sweet home!

the steps that are needed to start running when you have treadmill, vs to go outdoors

What is HomeRunningPrep About?

The main purpose of this site is to reduce the sacrifices coming along with being good at the sport. I will help you be a great runner and have a lovely life as well.

I know well that the sport demands almost everything if you want to be good at it and that is why professional athletes’ schedules are: “eat, sleep, run, repeat”. Nothing else…

But I suppose you want to take care of your family and career and also like running and love to feel strong and endurable, crossing this finish line with power! The solution – HomeRunningPrep.

By integrating a big deal of your training sessions at home, you reduce the time needed to keep the good shape. You persevere more because the exercises are in your room. Much fewer obstacles between you and the starting of your session.

It would be no surprise to come better prepared than those who spend countless hours on their training and are still not sound.

This way, you will achieve your running goals easier and faster by building quality preparation. With much less need for sacrifices. You will have quality in your legs, which won’t be vulnerable to injuries. I will show you how.

How does this site work?

I have established a step-by-step process for transforming you into a genuine runner that covers all the vital aspects of great running performance and how to train them. I cover not simply exercises and workouts, but all the other (sometimes much more important), behind the scenes, aspects of running training like attitude, mind power and focus direction.

The sections of my site include:

  • Setting goals
  • Recovery
  • Training attitude
  • How to keep it cycling
  • Problem prevention

Each section has information and opportunities for you to learn, understand, and enhance this part of your running performance.

Jump with me on an unforgettable journey!

Rid all the excuses, and immerse yourself in becoming a better, stronger, more endurable runner! Runner, able to accomplish all your running goals and make your life more valuable! Person who is not sacrificing the other important aspects of your life! Accomplish all your running goals! Feel the greatness! Show to yourself and your most important people the star that you are!

Feel the satisfaction of being capable! Build confidence in yourself that you can achieve your running goals! And from there, your life goals as well! Flip the approach of your life from melting into shaping!!! I will be your guide!

feeling great due to accomplishing your goals, winner!

See you on the next pages!