Find a Reason For Your Running, Don’t Question It Anymore! 

Do you need help to start running? Are there days when you don’t feel like running but know that’s the best thing to do? Are you convinced enough of the greatness of running? Do you know why you run? 

If you hesitate to start a run, you may not be the most convinced person of the awesomeness of running. After reading this page and finding YOUR reason for running, you will no longer think about it. You will be lacing up your shoes! 

We all know that running is healthy, and is beneficial, and good for you, your health, and everything! But just generally knowing that running is good only sometimes makes you follow through. 

It is like knowing that fruits and vegetables are healthy, continuous sun exposure is harmful, or being kind and respectful to others is good. Still, sometimes you don’t do it. And that’s because you don’t have YOUR reason to do it. 

The idea is to find a reason for running aligned with one of your top values in life. So first, ask yourself what you value most in your life and what is the most important thing for you? Is it health? Is it feeling good? What about a great time with friends and love? 

Is it strength? Is it feeling powerful? Be appreciated by others? Is it self-esteem? Take time for yourself and write down what is most important for you. I will wait 2 mins…

The idea is to associate one of the running benefits and outcomes with something you value most. Running can be good for almost everything, and I will list some things running can do for you. 

Choose something from that list that running can give you and link it with what is most meaningful for you in your life! This way, you can’t be stopped from running because it will mean something you value most! 

Why You Run? – For a Better Health?

Undoubtedly, running is very beneficial for your health. Both your mental and physical health. Depending on what pace you keep and for how long you run, you can build incredible strength and endurance, although one will prevail.

(In a later article, I will explain why you can’t simultaneously get super strength and infinite muscle endurance. But you surely can get one of them)

Your muscles will be exceptionally satisfied. You will feel them strong, not loose, fresh, responsive, and something you can rely on. Your posture will enhance because there will be something to hold you straight! 

Your overall mobility will enhance! You will be able to skip around like the little kids and will no longer follow the routine, which will turn you into grandpa or grandma. (I know 60+ people who run and are faster and more mobile than 20-year-olds who don’t)

Your body processes will enhance. Everything happening in your body will be happening with better ease. You will make your organism work at full capacity, and there isn’t a better prophylaxis. 

Another reason is enhancing your mental health. When running regularly, you release more dopamine and serotonin, which makes you feel like you don’t have problems. Isn’t this the way you want to feel about your life? 

Overall, running makes you feel better about your body because it gets in better shape and works more. Regular running enhances your health in many directions and makes you feel alive.

Great reason for why you run is the enhanced health. Image with woman who is bursting with life

If that’s vital for you, you have one compelling reason for running here. If this is not enough to make you start a gallop, then…

Why You Run? Do You Want To Win Medals?

Medals are something you cannot buy with money. They are like beautiful jewelry that shows status. They have a price, but it is not monetary. It is effort, perseverance, dedication, giving heart and soul, and pushing your limits. 

a person who holds their medals

When you see somebody that wears a golden neckless, you might think they have money, which is ok. But when you see someone wearing a medal, you know they have something more than money. They have courage and character. 

Although, It is vital not to fall into the mania of “collecting” medals. The medals on their own are just a piece of metal. What stands behind the award and its meaning is what makes it valuable…

There are many “easy golden medals” in my career where I haven’t done anything extraordinary. I haven’t pushed my limits. There was not enough competition. What do all those medals give me and mean to me? Nothing! 

You might want to look like a champion.

And you might want to go in front of your friends, swell your ego a little bit, and say: “Look at me, see how good I am! You probably aren’t that good!” But what does this give you? 

Appreciation of others… They will think that you are good, that you are fantastic. You will believe that they respect you. You will assume that you are better than them. Notice… It is all they, they, they… Are You living your life or theirs? Then do their opinion and thoughts about you matter? 

You can’t feel their appreciation. Why bother pursuing it and trembling whether you will receive it?… You want to be number one. You want to “beat them.” Let’s assume you beat everyone in the world. Then what? The whole world will love you? Controversial…

Going for some medals might be good for your self-esteem. It is an evidence that you are capable and will remind you of this throughout your whole life. But if you use them to attract the praise of others… Then you might face some disappointment because I bet you are the only one who takes your medals to heart. 

If medals are not the most important thing in running, what about…

Running As a Way To Escape From Your Problems?

Running gives you a sense of freedom. One big part of the time, while you are running, you are actually flying! Nothing is touching the ground! This will make you feel like you don’t have problems. You are not on this “ground.” 

Running will help you clear your mind. It will refresh your emotional base. It will make the anger and worry disappear. By running, you enter a “lighter” world, where you are flying and losing contact with the problems.

Running can make you forget about your problems and don’t feel them anymore, but this doesn’t mean that by going to run, you fix them. No, you don’t. And that is why it’s important to not run from your problems…

Instead, use running to make you stronger. To make you more endurable and able to go through unpleasant situations. You might think that it is only physical enhancement, but no!

Once you push through the exhaustion and pain while you run, you can go through the exhaustion and pain in any aspect of your life! The emotion is very similar. It’s all about getting used to it! 

This leads us to…

Are You Running to Build a Character?

As I said, when you go through exhaustion… When you continue to move forward despite all the sensations that scream inside you to stop and discontinue your “journey,”… Then you attain an approach that can give you everything in your life! 

And the approach itself won’t give you anything… It will transform you into a person who moves forward and never stops until he has got what he wants.

a person who is running on top of a mountain and is unstoppable

This is how running builds character.

If you want to become this kind of person, the warrior, the hero, the strong man… And want to be someone who doesn’t give up easily, perseveres, and achieves… Then running might teach you. 

This is connected to…

Are You Interested in Pushing Your Limits? 

Right now, at this moment, you have a particular set of capabilities. You can run a mile for xx : xx. You can hold your breath for xx : xx. And you can do your favorite thing for xx : xx. You have some limits about practicing particular things (or you only think you have). 

What about expanding those limits. What about reaching new horizons of capability? And about doing things with intensity you have never done before? I bet you will feel like never before! 

Do you love growth and expansion? Then by running, you can experience it every day and teach yourself the behavior needed to push your limits in everything you do in your life! 

As you can see, running can give you much more than the physical benefits for your body. It can transform your character. It can make you a warrior, a champion in every aspect of your life. 

Plus, it can teach you to approach your life in a totally new way, in which you will be much more likely to achieve whatever you want. For me, it sounds like… 

Running As a Way to Make You Believe in Yourself More!

When you practice all those strengths of character every day in your running… When you push your limits… In the moments of going through pain and exhaustion… When you never stop your movement toward your goals, no matter what emerges on your way…

Then you start to believe in yourself more. If you can do it while running, why not do it in every life endeavor? Once you apply such an approach in everything you do, how can you hesitate about your capabilities as a human?

Imagine living with such belief in yourself. I don’t know what will be able to make you worry. You will know you can go through this the same way you keep going when your heart is already exceeding 180 beats per minute…

Why You Run? – Because of the Community and Friends?

Doubtlessly, people who run are amazing. It is more than worthy to enter such a community, where you meet fellows who are “high,” not because of substances, but because of running! 

What is better than spending time with people who share your passion? Some of my best friends are runners, and they are indispensable. And that is so because the emotion you feel while running differs from everyday life. And it is shared!

Imagine multiplying this emotion when you interact with people like you, doing something that awakens the aliveness inside you. What can make you feel better? 

friends are supporting each other and are having great time running

And finally…

Why Do I Run? 

I have always felt the inner urge to do it… From a very young age, this was something I had no control over. It just happens inside me… My heart beats like running steps… I run because of the emotion that running gives you…

There is incomparable freedom in running. And it is the freedom that you give yourself. You decide to be free! And immerse into the run where you fly.

I also run because running is a great teacher. Things happening in the running happen in life as well. The pain, the exhaustion, the difficulties, the desire to keep going and push through the adversary. The joy, the happiness… You meet them everywhere.

But most of all, I run because running transmits me into a state I can experience nowhere else in my life… Nothing else is able to make me feel the way running makes me feel…

I talk about the moments when my body is dissolved in exhaustion, where I no longer feel my legs, where I no longer feel my arms, when my breath is so intense that it vanishes my whole material body, and I am left and moved only by my soul, which truly enters me in a different dimension of existence.

me running the final meters of a competition. the reason why I run

In all those moments, I perceive the difference between the mortal flesh, which seems like dying of exhaustion, and the force that keeps me running, which seems immortal. Then I came into contact with this divineness. That is why I run! 

Now You Have Reasons To Run! 

After reading this page, you are ready to embrace the running and never hesitate whether to begin or not. Don’t waste more time! Find your reason for running and make your life a great one! 

It is great to know why you run! And it is even better to know how to become better at running. To do so, learn what builds a run.