Do you want a treadmill for light jogging or walking? If you are not a fan of the high speeds and are searching for something compact and on a budget, continue reading about the xterra tr150 treadmill…

Here we have a small, tender, and cheap treadmill that will help you keep moving one foot in front of the other and giving a little sweat from yourself. Also, make your body work healthily to experience freshness after working out.

If you don’t have much space, this treadmill has an excellent speed/size ratio. You don’t need a large basement to fit it into your home.

What if you aren’t a running freak and want something plain without bells and whistles. You don’t even need to go super fast or train for competitions? Do all those fancy treadmills seem just “not right” for you? 

Do you want a humble machine that won’t overwhelm you with many workout opportunities? Something more simple that is much easier to manage than the full-feature treadmills. Less need to stress over it and less need to think about it. 

xterra tr150 treadmill full size. very good treadmill for walking or light logging.

Then the xterra tr150 treadmill could become something you will enjoy. Let’s see now more about what this machine has to offer…

Is Xterra Tr150 The Treadmill For YOUR Needs?

This is the section where I will reveal the specs of this treadmill and translate what they mean for your fitness preparation.

How Fast Does It Go?

As I said, this treadmill is not constructed to bear very high speeds. It can go up to 10 mph (16 kph), but when you consider its low “tankless,” which I will explain below, it will be optimal to use it at 5-6-7 mph.

This is perfect for people who want to use a treadmill for walking or light jogging. If you plan to throw sprints on it… Please don’t. It will be dangerous for both your life and the life on the treadmill…

For information, the average walking speed is 3mph, and you transition from walking to jogging at 4.4mph. So running lightly at 5-6 mph will be the best usage of this treadmill.

The Motor

The motor of the xterra tr150 treadmill is 2.25 HP. If you don’t know what 2.25 means, it doesn’t have enough power for fast, frequent runs. 2.25 is a motor for, as I already said, light jogging. 

The machine will also serve you longer if you use it sparingly. Its purpose is to keep your body awake occasionally rather than maintain powerful muscles and give you a leap in performance. 

The Running Surface of the Xterra TR150 Treadmill

Another feature that points toward the humbler nature of the xterra tr150 treadmill is its running surface. It is relatively narrow for top speed. It has a 16/50″ | 40/127cm surface to run on.

the xterra tr150 treadmill's running surface

Again, it will be enough if you walk on it and stay within 8mph. But if you increase the speed beyond, you must be very careful where you step.

“I get that it’s compact and designed for small spaces, but it’s also a very narrow belt to walk on. It works fine if you want to walk on a flat surface. I wouldn’t run or jog with the narrow belt; just my preference.”

The positive about this is that it is compact. The machine is not massive, and you can store it more easily. The dimensions are 63.4 / 28.7 / 51.4″ | 161 / 73 / 130 cm when assembled. 28.5 / 28.7 / 61 | 72.4 / 72.9 / 155 cm when folded.

xterra tr150 treadmill folded

This allows you to use it in smaller apartments with little space.

Do You Want Big Incline Options?

If you want to be able to run on an incline and pump your quads, feel the burn… You will be better off looking for a different treadmill…

The xterra tr150 treadmill has 3 levels of manual incline. Still, some people report that they barely notice any difference when changing it: 

“Really, they could save themselves the money on the two bits of plastic that do it. It’s completely useless. It raises and lowers the end of the treadmill by no more than 2 inches. I can’t really detect any difference with that raised or lowered.”

Amazon Customer

Yes, you don’t get much incline, but you get a pretty compact treadmill at a very low price that still runs up to 10mph.

Is The Xterra TR150 Treadmill Soft?

It has cushioning, but some people say it is not that soft. :


“It is thin and has no cushion feel to the joints as a higher end would have. You notice every step you take, and it is a bit loud for a living room area. For the price, I think the quality is there.”

“Jogging it feels sturdy enough, but you start to feel the lower cost here. It’s loud, hard impact, low cushioning. As expected at this price point, not a complaint from me.”

Amazon Customers

How “Tanky” is Xterra TR150?

The xterra tr150 treadmill is not tanky. Not a massive, giant, heavy treadmill that can go to war. It is a relatively light, compact, simple, tender treadmill, encouraging you to raise your heart rate without much intensity. 

how tanky is xterra tr150 treadmill

The Max User Weight is 250 lbs (113 kg), and the machine’s weight is 97 lbs (43 kg – not tank at all). The deck is only 15mm thick. The belt is slim as well – 1.4mm 1ply. With one word- it’s light! 

This is perfect for people who want to avoid dealing with a piece of unmovable equipment. But for all those warriors… It could be more stable and sturdy…

“I feel running would break something sooner rather than later. I’d say stick to this for walking.”

” I think it would be ok for walking, but definitely not for running. I’m 195lb, and it wobbled. I couldn’t even slightly lean on the handlebars while in a “rest” without the machine moving.”

“The treadmill itself wobbles a little when walking or running. I tightened the screws more upon noticing this, but it’s still not completely stable feeling.”

Amazon Customers

You should notice something that will speak for itself. This treadmill has 90 days warranty for parts and labor. I have reviewed 65 treadmills individually, and this is the shortest warranty time of all.

You also have 1y warranty on the motor, while many other models give you either a lifetime or 10+ years. The manufacturer needs to be more confident in the sturdiness and endurance of their own treadmill. Have this in mind.

After everything has been said until now, it is time to finally paint the picture of…

Who Will Enjoy The Xterra Tr150 Treadmill Most?

This will be a person who prefers to walk or just jog lightly. It is perfect for people with little space who want to spend less on a treadmill.

Xterra tr150 is the ideal low-intensity, calm machine for effortless, gentle movement. It is made for people who want to move more without building super-shape fitness or enhancing running performance.

It can also be an option for total running beginners who last ran years ago and want to start at very low speeds. Suitable for just moving the joints and mobilizing them.

If you like to increase your daily step count, this machine will be ideal because it has nothing excessive. No bells and whistles, no super-fast speeds, no extra weight. Just what you need for more blood to move through your body.

And if you are an avid runner who wants to do various workouts like sprints, intervals, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), and you want to prepare for competition or running event… You might break this fast. 🙂

How Have I Written This Review?

I don’t have the treadmill in my home, so I can’t tell you from personal experience whether this treadmill is good or bad. But I have done something else. I have researched all possible feedback from hundreds of real customers.

I have examined how many of them are happy and how many are frustrated. What makes them pleased or frustrated. What are the main benefits of the treadmill? And I will tell you what flaws you can expect. Something that the manufacturer won’t :).

picture of different people running on treadmills and giving feedback about their experience

And this, instead of being a 1-person review, it is gathered information from hundreds of experiences with this treadmill. It is enough to address everything you want to know about this machine.

What Makes Xterra TR150 a Good Choice? 

It is super lean and compact. The xterra tr150 treadmill is something you might not even notice when you fold it in the appropriate place. This machine is perfect for small spaces. 

As you can imagine, it is not a demanding machine. It is small, light, and does not confront you when you move around your home. It will know its place and will stay there meekly. You won’t need to sacrifice the space for other things in your home to store this treadmill.

“I did not have a ton of space for a large treadmill and did not have a lot of money for an expensive treadmill… Most of the models are very large and take up a lot of space.”

Amazon Customer

A treadmill in your home is a relatively significant piece of equipment. Xterra tr150 goes more than half its length when it is folded. Very convenient, and you move freely around your home without obstacles staying in your way.

Lack of bells and whistles

This treadmill is simple. You turn it on, hop on it, press start, set your speed, do your workout, press stop, and go off the treadmill. That is all. No super fancy techs. 

xterra tr150 treadmill console

The configuration of this treadmill means that you won’t need to bother with anything complicated. You have your running surface, and that’s all. This makes maintenance and troubleshooting easy. 

Very easy to assemble

This treadmill’s assembly is straightforward. There won’t be anything to make it difficult for you. This means almost everybody can do it themselves and won’t need to pay technicians to assemble it.

is xterra tr150 easy to assemble?

“assembly was EASY, PEASY!! I did have someone to hold the console section while I connected the wires; that helped a lot.”

“I set it up without looking at the instructions. It’s that easy.”

“Easy to assemble out of the box. Little-to-no tools are required.”

“This was so easy to put together!  It’s literally putting in the arms, attach the computer, put in screws and a plug–that’s it!”

Amazon Customers

Once it arrives, you can quickly put it together and start exercising. No worries, no hassles, no struggling. You will spend your time and energy exercising rather than trying to figure out how to build this machine. 

Great Customer Support

Some people are delighted by the support they receive from xterra.

“But the customer care given by Shane at Xterra Fitness was even above and beyond that. Not only was he quick and precise, he was very friendly, listened well, and handled every aspect of my problem professionally. Shane also filled out my warranty with me, as I hadn’t gotten around to sending the card in. Within a few days, Shane had my replacement parts shipped and delivered, as well as set me up with a Fitness repairman to come and replace the parts.”

“Phone service folks answer quickly and are extremely nice.”

Amazon Customers

If you encounter any problems with your treadmill, there will always be a phone number to dial. The xterra support will always be available to help you, so you will never be left alone to struggle with your machine.

This way, you can have peace of mind and be a fantastic guy forever!

Reminder to lube the belt

This treadmill has one pretty cool feature, which is an indicator that appears on your console that you need to lube the belt. Something similar to the ones in the car. 

This means you will always know whether your treadmill needs lubrication. This way, you will keep it in excellent condition, serving you longer and longer. You will be assured that you have done what’s required when it comes to lubing.

Low Profile 

Another great thing about the xterra tr150 treadmill is its low profile, which means that if you have low ceilings, this treadmill will be very suitable for the job. You won’t be hitting your head on every stride while you run. 

xterra tr150 treadmill has low profile

“I liked the low profile, which made it work well in my basement, which has low ceilings.”

Amazon Customer

Very positive aspects of the xterra tr150 treadmill! But now let’s check…

Where The Xterra Tr150 Treadmill Might Be Weak:

First of all, the incline is very minimal. If you want to pump your legs and feel the gain, you may be disappointed… I explained the incline in the above section, so let’s move on to…

The Cupholders

Here… You rather don’t have cupholders. There are some tiny holes, but a bottle won’t go in. 

“Small indentations on the dashboard for “storage” are pretty much useless. May hold car keys or the treadmill key or belt adjustment Allen wrench, but that’s about it. Way too shallow and angled wrong to fit glasses or phone or remote. And being able to hold a cup or bottle would be nice.”

“The cup holders are a joke. They’re oddly shaped and shallow. I have no idea what is supposed to fit in them? A juice box, maybe?”

Amazon Customers

You also have a “ledge for holding devices,” but beware that it might not be deep enough to hold all kinds of devices.

“The ledge for holding devices will not hold my Chromebook (width is not an issue since it’s open on the sides – it’s the depth). It will hold my Kindle Fire. The ledge depth is 1/2 inch.”

The Treadmill’s Accuracy

Another thing you might not like is the accuracy of the xterra tr150 treadmill, including the Heart Rate Monitor.

heart rate graphic
xterra tr150 treadmill heart rate handlebars

“My Apple watch maintained a consistent 148 bpm, the treadmill slowly reaching 100bpm but liked to drop to 88 often then slowly climbing to 100ish again, repeat.”

Amazon Customer

If you want an accurate measure of your “sweet” heart while training, you will be better off with a chest strap HRM or a watch.

  •  The calories burned are also overestimated. The machine shows that you burn more than you actually do.
  •  The miles might also need to be more accurate.

“The distance tracking is terrible. Running at a constant speed, it took the console about 3 minutes to move from 0.1 miles to 0.2 miles, then in about 30 seconds, it moved from 0.2 to 0.3.”

Amazon Customer

Another thing is…

The Folding Pin

The machine doesn’t have auto unfolding; you need to do it manually. It is not super heavy, but the thing is that when you fold it, only one pin holds the whole machine. You should estimate for yourself the possibility of accidental pin removal

The pin of xterra tr150 treadmill

“Would definitely like a larger pin or even more than one pin holding this thing when it’s folded.”

“It folds easily and is secured with a pin. To those claiming it comes loose, I can’t see this as anything other than a user error. It’s a pin that goes in between the track frames. That’s it. Someone has to pull it out. Yes, it is easy to pull out, so a kid could pull it out. But it comes out on its own, no way.”

Amazon Customers

But what about…

The Screen of The Xterra TR150 Treadmill

This might be something you won’t like because “The screen doesn’t have any kind of lighting,”…

“The display does not light up, and it is very dark. I am unable to read it without full light and with my glasses. Using it in lower light is almost impossible.”

Amazon Customer

If you want to use this treadmill, it will be better to position it in a place with good light, so you can see everything on the screen. 

Another thing is…

The Programs of Xterra TR150

“as far as I can tell, it is not programmable. What’s more, there’s no documentation that tells you what the pre-programmed settings are set for; i.e., no idea of what the varying speeds are or for how long these speeds are maintained.”

“You can not pre-program your own workouts. You can only use the pre-programmed sets.”

Amazon Customers

Using this treadmill without programs and changing the speed yourself with the buttons will be best. Considering this treadmill’s relatively low expected pace, this will be fine.


Do parts brake? 

As with every machine, something might break. And this treadmill is no exception. As I mentioned, you have only 90 days warranty on parts, so after that period, you will need to be very cautious and gentle with the machine because…

“It worked great when it did. However, one day the console just stopped working.”

“”After less than a year of use, the deck caved in on me, and unfortunately, the warranty period for the deck is 90 days.””

“After 8 months, I am now getting E2 error & treadmill powers off during usage.”

” I got an E2 error last week, and it stopped working short of 6 months.”

“This treadmill was great until the deck cracked. We have had this 17 months and put about 10 miles a week on it between walking and jogging.”

Amazon Customers

This is not the most robust machine on the market, and you shouldn’t expect it to last forever. Although, the reported complaints are a relatively small percentage of all responses. This treadmill has 4.4 stars from almost 18k ratings.

Thousands of people are satisfied with the machine. Just be aware that it is not the most fabulous tank, and there is still the possibility of something to brake. 

So to keep it alive as long as possible…

What maintenance does it need?

First, put some lube under the belt. For the long term – keep lubricating it as stated. Remove the dust around the motor (inside the front cover), and keep the treadmill clean!

I saw some people complain about their belts slipping and blame the machine for this… It happens to every treadmill and is normal. With time, the belt becomes a little loose, and you need to tighten it.

It is an easy process that almost everybody can do. You should check for tutorials, and you are fine!
So after everything is said about this treadmill, let’s finally check…

What people say about the xterra tR150 treadmill?

“Ordered in February 2022. Have run 500+ miles on the treadmill during the year.”
“I do recommend this for the affordability and size and it is a good walk/slow jog treadmill!”

“This treadmill has totally surprised me! Two years later and it still functions perfectly! The motor still sounds as new as the day I assembled it, the tread still moves smoothly, and all the buttons and programs still work flawlessly.

Definitely a fabulous bang for your buck!!”

“If you’re looking for an inexpensive treadmill for just everyday walking and light jogging this is a good choice.

 If you’re a professional runner I would suggest you upgrade to a more sturdier model.”

” I’ve been walking 3 miles a day since last May (about 1,000 miles total), and so far, aside from the occasional odd noise, the treadmill has been rock solid.”

“This treadmill, in my opinion, is great for anybody who is not an Olympic athlete or a marathon runner.”

“This treadmill kept coming up as one of the best inexpensive, folding treadmills out there.”

“The TR150 is a decent entry level treadmill and useful for those not too serious, but looking to stay active in winter”

Amazon Customers

A lot of people are satisfied with the xterra tr150. The ultimate question is still…

Should you buy the xterra tr150 treadmill? 

What if you don’t want a fancy rocket to boost your running performance to the best possible. Suppose you don’t need very high speeds or great intensity of workouts. And you don’t need bells and whistles.

You instead want something simple, something compact, something light. A treadmill that is easy to use and doesn’t require much except your willingness to get yourself in better shape. 

If you are searching for a humble companion to encourage you to boost your fitness and energy levels, that won’t overwhelm you. Something that won’t require you to do very exhausting workouts. A basic machine just to get you started…

Then consider trying the xterra tr150 treadmill…

But if this is different from the treadmill you were looking for, click here to check the other treadmills I have reviewed.

And remember… The most important part of your fitness journey is you! The equipment is there only to assist you!