It’s time to meet a beast! The Sole F85 treadmill combines power, strength, elegance, and sturdiness! It is time to take your running to the next level, and with Sole F85, you can even send it into space.

This treadmill is a performance type of machine. You shouldn’t expect much entertainment or fancy technologies in it. It compensates with one of the most reliable and robust running surfaces on the market. 

Here you get an opportunity to run daily at great speeds, increase your running performance, establish incredible running shape, and be ready for the feats of a lifetime. And even provide the same for your family members as well. 

You might be tired of staying on the same old level and finding it hard to progress and expand your capabilities. Sole F85 enables you to end this and transform your life by simply hopping onto something in your room – the same as hopping on the couch.

Other treadmills might have better technologies and more entertainment. But this one is created to give you the best possible components on which you will make the best possible run for yourself! 

Sole F85 Treadmill Review- the main picture of the treadmill in its entire size

Strength, power, confidence, ability, energy, and desire for more running will spill from you once you make The Sole F85 your routine. And if you are intrigued by the potential performance of both you and the F85, keep reading to find out…

Is The Sole F85 Treadmill For YOUR Needs? 

This is the section where I dive deeper into revealing and explaining the specifications of the Sole F85, so you can understand it better and decide whether it suits you. 

End of The Slow Speeds, the beginning of the winning pace!

The Sole F85 treadmill goes up 12 mph (19.3 km/h). And only a few other treadmills on the market go faster than that. The majority of high-end machines operate with a 12 mph top speed. So here, you get one of the fastest treadmills you can buy for a home.

And if you wonder how fast 12 mph is… it is equivalent to 5min for a mile, 3:07 for 1k, and 15:32 for 5k. And if you want to go more quickly than that, you better go with a curved manual treadmill. 

Here is a video of me running at 10 mph | 16 km/h (my Treadmill’s max) to visually perceive the speed. It might not look super fast, but the effort is present! 

With 12mph, you can do High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), make sprints, and do various workouts, which will help you bring yourself in great shape. This way, you will accomplish your desired running goals. 

Embrace the endless run. The 4.0 HP motor makes it possible!

What is the longest time you have been running without stopping? The Sole F85 can allow you to run that much daily! The 4.0 HP motor is one of the most powerful on the market.

You can run every day, multiple times per day, at very high speeds because this machine is made for this! If you have a family of runners, the Treadmill’s numerous uses will only make it work better, not a reason to brake.

The motor cover of the sole f85 treadmill

The Sole F85 knows no tiredness, and the same will be with you once you start running on it regularly! Push your limits, and do it every day because the Sole F85 will enjoy such behavior. Feel free to progress as much as you want! 

Be the master of your terrain with the Sole F85’s Incline Options

Suit the terrain with your workout needs – always! With the Sole F85 Treadmill, you can go from a decline of -6% to an incline of 15%. This way, you create the perfect conditions for your run. Something harder outdoors! 

the -6% decline of the sole f85 treadmill
The 15% incline of the sole f85

You go from uphill to decent with the click of a button. Play with gravity as much as you want. Give yourself the slope that fits best. This way, you get perfect muscle training, which gives you excellent results! 

No longer depend on the outdoor terrain. And save time by eliminating commuting to the “perfect terrain.” Everything is in your room + the success! 

Let’s see now…

The Sole F85’s Running Surface – Large enough for all types of strides!

Do you know that exclusively, you are allowed to run on the highway? Not the real one, but on the Sole F85, which is the highway of the treadmills! Here You get a 22/60″ | 56/152cm running surface, one of the broadest found. 

the running surface of F85 and especially the considerable width of the treadmill
the running surface from one side

It is broad and long enough even for tall people that are 2m+ / 6.5+ feet…

“Love the width and length of the belt; I have a hard time running on the skinnier units that keep stepping off the side.”

“It’s longer and wider than any other I looked into.”

Sole Customers

There will be no more restrictions on your strides and your movements. Apply the freedom of movement to your run, and apply a natural running form that gives you great pleasure from running. 

Open your stride, and open yourself to new achievements! 

Your Joints will love it as well! 

The Sole F85 treadmill comes with cushioning, meaning you won’t experience the hard hits of the pavement anymore. You will spare yourself some extra pressure on your joints while giving your muscles the training! Great Deal!

“I have a torn meniscus, and running on the F85, while not as enjoyable as running on the street, greatly reduces impact and discomfort.”

Sole Customer

And don’t expect to run on the trampoline; it is lessening the impact but not making it less sturdy by any means! It is still a stable and firm ground to run on! 

The Sole F85 Treadmill… The tank to eliminate every weakness! 

This is the part where I evaluate whether the Treadmill I review is “Tanky.” This means whether it’s big, heavy, sturdy, robust, reliable, stable, etc… And the Sole F85 IS “Tanky”

Its Dimensions are 82.5 / 38 / 66 “| 209.5/ 96.5 / 167 cm, making it bigger than your room’s door! It really is one of the longest and most extensive treadmills available. To accurately perceive the dimensions, take a tape measure and let your imagination create the picture.

You can “run wild” with such a large machine because it will be big and wide enough to give your best without restricting your movements! 

In addition…

An African Lion Can Use The Treadmill

That’s true because the maximum user weight is 375 lbs | 170 kg. This means you can hit the sturdy ground as hard as you want, and it will still be sound! 

This solves the problem of dealing with fragile machines that break often and always need some replacements. It meets the need for something that feels awesome under your legs and something you can believe in! 

It is heavy as well

The Treadmill’s weight is 319 lbs | 144 kg, so once you assemble it and put it on firm ground, it becomes strong ground that won’t cheat on you.

The stability of 319lbs |144kg means you can make the wildest quake by your run, and the Sole F85 won’t move. What can give you a better assurance of your security on the machine?

It lives long

You better like the Treadmill’s appearance before you buy it because you will probably look at it for a long time. There is a lifetime warranty on the frame and the motor. 3 years on parts and 1 year on labor which you can even extend. 

This way, you will stay calm, and there are no issues you need to deal with yourself. The Sole Support will always be there to fix any problem you have! You focus only on your running! 

The overall “tankness” of the sole f85 is very high. It is A massive machine that is powerful enough to ensure that your workout needs are met, no matter how advanced they might be. 

Enjoy the confidence you get while running on this machine because of its reliability and stability. And the spirit you get afterward when staying on a higher performance level.

“The Sole F85 feels great under my feet. It has a solid build.”

“The Treadmill is strong.  Good quality materials.”

“Impressed by it’s solid & stable feel. “

Sole Customers

And Let’s now Answer the Question of this section…

Who Will Enjoy The Sole F85 Treadmill Most?

This will be a serious runner or anybody serious about performance… Both of the machines and both of their running. It is perfect for someone who is planning to put heavy usage on it. 

As you already know, it can bear a lot of miles, a lot of pressure, and powerful strides. And somebody willing to give it all of this will be the perfect user of the Sole F85. 

On the other hand, If you want a machine for walking or light jogging, buying the F85 puts a massiveness in your home that won’t be used to its full potential. It will serve you perfectly, but you can save some space and money.

It’s perfect for a person who is going to be focused on their running instead of giving their attention to videos and entertainment. That’s because the Sole F85 is renowned for one of the best sturdiness, but there are better software and fancy technologies. 

So if you are tired of dealing with fragile machines and hungry for new accomplishments. If your family will run on it as well, and you want something that will bear it all…

If you are a fan of the quality build and the quality components of machines. If you are after quality running results, to boost your self-esteem, to make you feel strong, fast, and endurable like never before, then give the Sole F85 a try:

How Have I Written This Review?

I don’t have the treadmill in my home, so I can’t tell you from personal experience whether this treadmill is good or bad. But I have done something else. I have researched all possible feedback from hundreds of real customers. I have examined how many of them are happy and how many are frustrated. What makes them pleased or frustrated. What are the main benefits of the treadmill? And I will tell you what flaws you can expect. Something that the manufacturer won’t tell you :).

And this, instead of being a 1-person review, it is gathered information from more than a hundred experiences with this treadmill. It is enough to address everything you want to know about this machine.

And let’s see now…

What Else Is There to Make You Fall in Love With the F85?

With the Sole F85, you are a subscriber of yourself. You need only “you” to start running on the treadmill. There aren’t any mandatory subscriptions and training platforms with coaches to yell at you! 

“I selected Sole because it didn’t require you to purchase their fitness app in order for the features to work.”

“Not having to join an I fit program to start the machine.”

“I will gladly trade off the subscription-required frills of the competitors for the simple, high-durability focus of the Sole F85.”

Sole Customers

It is fantastic when there is no need to pay to use your machine. With Sole F85, you are filling the well of your running capabilities instead of draining your wallet every month. Enjoy the independence! 

And also…

Run While Others Are Asleep. 

You might find yourself wondering… is the Sole F85 working or not? The noise level is so low that it is unnoticeable unless you start running. At low speeds and if you walk, it is barely different from the silence…

Once you start running faster, expect to hear a little friction when your foot hits the deck. Still considerably quieter than other treadmills.

“I am so in love with this. It’s so quiet.”

“This thing is solid yet surprisingly quiet.”

“Unit is very quiet on the motor side as well as noise from footsteps. Doesn’t disturb people in other rooms when using early in the morning or late at night.”

Sole Customers

Silence, pleasure, and growth. This is what kind of operation the Sole F85 provides. All people around you will also be satisfied because there will not be an unpleasant noise to disturb them.

Enjoy the silence of your Treadmill, and become addicted to the pleasure it gives you! Additionally…

Be able to control your speed and incline effortlessly!

There are convenient buttons for changing the speed and the incline on the handrails of Sole F85, which only increases the safety and the ease of operation. 

Plus, there are 7 preset buttons for incline and 7 for speed. You click on one of them to jump to your desired pace and angle. 

the button for the incline
speed buton
The touchscreen of the sole f85 treadmill

This way, you quickly set the pace you want to run without changing your running form and staying safe! 

“The large button controls and side controls make it easy to adjust as needed”

“The dual controls for speed and tilt are handy, as I can run near the center of the deck and make changes using the buttons on the handrails.”

Sole Customers

Do you have an engineering degree?

You don’t need it! The assembly of the sole f85 is easy (if the bolts align)! You can easily follow the steps and start doing running reps!

“It was extremely simple to assemble – my husband and I put it together in under an hour.”

“Assembly is basically easy except the 4 screws used to mount Console Mast Covers.”

“Assembly was fairly easy, and it runs like a dream.”

“Assembly was easy, though definitely not a 1 person job.”

Sole Customers

Spare yourself the money for assemblers because you can do it yourself. The only little struggle you might have is if the bolts of the handrails don’t align. Several people have reported this, as you will see later.

Also, once it is set up, you can…

Easily Fold Up The Sole F85 Treadmill for More Space and Mobility

As you already know, the Sole f85 weighs 319 lbs / 144 kg, and imagine if you needed to lift it yourself to fold it… In addition to your running preparation, you will do some weight lifting.

the sole f85 treadmill when folded
the folded treadmill with the decline option underneath the deck

But there is an excellent folding mechanism that takes much of its weight and makes the process a breeze. Also, once folded, it is much easier to move around. Although, assemble it in the room you want to use it because it might take a lot of effort to go through doors. 

“The fold-up feature is nice for when I want to change the location.”

“folds up and down easily.”

Sole Customers

You will save some energy by not lifting and folding the Treadmill yourself. But what about the power of your device?

The Sole F85 treadmill charges both you and your phone! 

Have you ever seen your phone charging without a cable? Like invisible force returning the aliveness into it. Something like the process that the Sole F85 will apply to your life. 

If you haven’t, now is the time to meet the wireless charging pad of the Sole F85! There is a place on the Treadmill where when you place your phone there, it starts to charge it.

the wireless charging pad of the sole f85 treadmill
the charging pad of the sole f85 which always keep your phone charged

Your phone will never turn off once it is on the Treadmill with you! Use it as much as you want, and don’t worry about the battery. It sounds like a full-time company of everything you like on your device!

In addition, an eye-level tablet holder can hold your phone or tablet, and you won’t need to wonder where to place it securely. The Sole F85 has it covered! 

After everything said until now, the Sole F85 seems like a perfect treadmill. But let’s check… 

The Things You Might Not Like About The Sole F85 Treadmill

Let’s begin with the fact that the treadmill fans are moderate. There won’t be wind resistance but, instead, heat resistance. The Sole F85’s fans will provide only a slight breeze but nothing to cool you well…

the fans that don't provide much air

“If I had any complaints, it’s that the fan only has 1 speed.”

” If I had any Cons for the price point, I would say more fans for intense runs located at different areas high and low.”

“Fans are also awful – don’t come anywhere close to providing air for me.”

“The only complaints are the fan – totally weak and poorly adjustable.”

Sole Customers

You will be much better off if you place a separate fan that is more powerful somewhere near you. Another option is to assemble it close to an AC. Or if you don’t mind lacking wind around you, you will sweat a lot like me. 

Another thing to consider is…

This Treadmill is Solid but Dumb

The Sole F85 is much better at cycling the belt than being a computer. There is an integrated tablet into the Treadmill that has different apps like youtube and Netflix, but bear in mind that this machine could have better technology. 

“The tablet feels like an unfinished product. The UI is buggy and unresponsive. The apps aren’t fully functional. You are unable to sign in to YouTube, which makes your YouTube premium subscription worthless.

Sometimes when you are loading into an app, the navigation bar disappears, and you’re stuck in the APP. The only way to exit is by turning off the Treadmill.”

“Cheap Android tablet and broken software”

“Software is a total disaster. Buggy and will not allow software updates. Phone mirroring requires a weird Chinese-sourced app that is incompatible with iPhones.”

Sole Customers


“The handheld heart rate monitor doesn’t read correctly.”

“The heart rate bars are way off.”

Sole Customers

And WiFi could be better…

“WiFi only sporadically works despite being right next to the router.”

Sole Customer

As you can see from the many responses, the Sole F85 treadmill is not the best regarding advanced technologies, apps, etc… It is dumb, but in that dumbness is hidden the true power of a performance machine. 

So if you want to make the technology accompany you in your workout, use your phone or tablet, and leave only the running for your Treadmill! 

The last thing you need to be aware of is…

Strange bolts might appear In the assembly of the Sole F85 treadmill

Some people have reported difficulties in the assembly of the Sole F85. More accurately,

“Assembly was good until you have to match the electronics portion with the base. The screws holding the rail to it never would line up, so in the end, after 2 hours of dealing with it, one screw was not used.”

“Need to contort my body into a pretzel to attach the screws of the arm covers upside down in a dark hole. Poor design there.”

“Literally took hours of trial and error before I got two screws to find the holes on the inside.”

“Assembly is basically easy except for the 4 screws used to mount Console Mast Cover.”

Sole Customers

It is good to have this in mind and prepare yourself to encounter such disobeying bolts. Although a rare phenomenon among people, still good to know. 

When you set it up, it is good to know how you should treat it…

What Maintenance Does It Need?

First, put some lube under the belt. For the long term – keep lubricating it as stated. Remove the dust around the motor (inside the front cover), and keep the treadmill clean! After a time, you should tighten the belt if needed.

It is an easy process that everybody can do. So after everything is said about this treadmill, let’s finally check…

What People Say About The Sole F85 Treadmill

“Truly could not be happier with my choice. This Treadmill is built to last; the quality and features are exceptional.”

“I feel so much better and with more energy. This Treadmill is heavy duty, and it is built to last.”

“I love it more than any gym treadmill I have been on.”

“The F85 is VERY solid with the steel frame and not wobbly as I run (like most). It’s an amazing piece of equipment, and I enjoy running on it!”

“The treadmill feels better compared to some other treadmills at the gym.”

“It is a folding model but has the stability of a commercial machine.”

“It has everything and more that a driven, self-motivated runner/walker could ask for.”

Sole Customers


Should You Buy The Sole F85 Treadmill?

Only you can answer this question. But if you are an avid runner searching for the next level in your running performance. And are ready to invest in something that will provide you with high-level workout opportunities for high-level running results.

Then you might find the incredible sturdiness, power, ability, stability, and convenience the perfect traits of a treadmill. And you can even gift this to your family members as well.

If you are tired of running at the same old pace without a clear clue of progress. If you are a person of performance and want to rely on something other than fancy technologies…

If you want one of the best treadmill components to enter your home and transform you into somebody who one day will enter this same home being a champion…

Then consider giving the Sole F85 a try; you can always return the tank if you don’t like it.

If you think there is a better treadmill somewhere else that will fulfill your needs better, click here to check the other reviews on HomeRunningPrep.