Don’t you think it is time to level up? Are you really satisfied with your current running performance and persistence in training? Do you feel you can do something in order to enhance your running, but you don’t know what? I can tell you! You can insert your preparation or part of it into your home. But you need to equip yourself with appropriate running training gear!

Why not make your training more time efficient and convenient? I have already talked about how moving your running training at home can benefit your life and enhance your running performance on my Home page.

Find out what is the best running training gear

In this section of my site, I will cover all the important running training gear that can really make you get your running performance to the next level. No longer being stuck at the same pace. You probably have a perception of what could be useful for you. But here I will give you everything you need to know to make informed and certain decision about what to buy.

Here I focus on reviewing the essential equipment, tools, wear and devices that can transform your running training and get you on the start line, ready for glory.

After reading the reviews, you will be much more confident in your choice of purchase because I give you the information that will help you decide better.

The first and most important equipment for your Home Running Preparation is…

The Treadmill

This is going to become your best friend in your running training. The treadmill makes you able to train no matter the weather, the time, or any outdoor conditions.

Hug with the treadmill- the runner's best friend. The most essential part of the running training gear

With a treadmill in your room, you are unstoppable and there is nothing to restrict you from training. Isn’t that an advantage?

Click here to view the full list of treadmills:

Best Treadmill for Home

Running Shoes

5 friends with running shoes

What is running without a running shoes? Although it is possible, the running shoes make your running experience safer and prevent you from undesired injuries by supporting your feet. Also, some running shoes boost your speed, just because of the design!

Running Wear

folded running wear and running shoes

Can you tell me, is there a more frustrating experience than an unsuitable wear make you stop running? And how do you feel when you run in the most comfortable apparel? Better than running, right?

Running watches

I can’t say that there is a better running workout assistant than a running watch (except if you decide to work with a quality coach). Since I bought my first running watch, my training had totally blasted. I can monitor my pace, the distance I have passed, my heart rate, the stride length, my cadence… You probably know how many features these little devices have. I can also create my custom workouts, including intervals.

The running watch is giving you all the information you need. This type of running training gear can even substitude your coach.

My running watch has become the “third person” eyes that are so valuable in increasing running performance. The running watch is like a virtual coach to look after you.

Running workout equipment

To be able to substitute the gym with your room is quite a convenience. Build your strength, mobility and flexibility, without the need to commute to the fitness.

The very important and essential running training gear that helps make your physical exercises.

In this section, I will show you what is the most useful equipment, so you can make the exercises that will boost your running.

Recovery Running Training gear

The essential recovery tools together arranged. Very important running training gear.

To gain is good, but what if you encounter pain? It is better to avoid pain even before occurring, isn’t it? Eliminate the drawback of injuries by investing in good recovery. You will thank yourself in the future.

This is the section where I will review the best running recovery tools, helping you find yours:

Coming Soon

Choose the Appropriate Running Training Gear For Your Needs

These are the most essential gear that will help you boost your performance and level up your running standard. Enhance your running experiences by giving yourself what you truly need for a perfect running preparation – the appropriate running training gear. This covers both workouts and recovery.

Check the reviews I have made. Their purpose is to “translate” all the products that you might be interested in. So you can know what you are buying and how it could benefit you. Be confident in clicking the “buy” button.

See you on the next pages!